Jesus Works Miracles {With My 2 Small Fish and 5 Little Loaves!}

{The doorbell rang in the early afternoon, which is unusual. My daughter ran to hide. She always runs to hide so that she can surprise her daddy or her brothers when they walk in through the door. But this time it wasn’t daddy and it wasn’t brother. Actually, there was no one standing there when I looked through the door’s glass window.

I was a bit confused, until I looked down and saw a package waiting for me. I tore the top of the large envelope, and to my surprise within seconds I was holding my {Little Dent} in this world. My Freeset bag had arrived. I was so excited!



You May Have Forgotten, But He Doesn’t Forget

While going through my computer files, I found and old journal entry from 2009. It was the first time I remember hearing about the s*x trade industry. After reading the book, From Congress To The Brothel my heart was broken, but I felt so small in contrast to this big evil, so incapable of making a difference, that I put all that to the side. Time passed and soon the stories from those pages were forgotten.

But God has a way of bringing things back to remembrance.

But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.                                                                                    (John 14:26)

Through messages, articles, and countless other ways… God’s heart tugs at me.

See, while my baby girl sits at the dining room peacefully eating, mothers and daughters elsewhere are having to do the unthinkable. As my 5 year-old lives in innocence, the innocence of others is being torn from them with total disregard.


But God, who sees the pain going on in distant lands, and hears the prayers of those right here, {Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours}, made a way for me to {Make One Small Dent}. 

I love that about Him. The fact that He knows my heart. He knows my intention. He knows my current circumstance. Yet He places in front of me an opportunity I could not turn away from; One that made it possible for me to move in obedience.

Yesterday, I finally opened my mouth here on this blog and with that comes a responsibility to act. With that comes a responsibility to move as God leads. And so when I read the post,  {We’re Women In A Long Line Of Women} where 14-year-old Hope, along with her mother, Ann Voskamp, celebrated by making a dent, I knew that if a 14-year-old girl could cause such a stir, then I have no excuse.

They partnered with Freeset, a fair trade business in Kolkata which provides a dignified way for women in s*x trade to bring home an income. Hope and Ann made 1000 bags available at $10 a piece. Each bag purchased served to free one woman from this industry. Imagine that. $10 could impact and ultimately transform a woman’s life.


Jesus Works Miracles {With My 2 Small Fish and 5 Little Loaves!}

As my husband and I face a possible layoff, and as Christmas rolls around the corner, and the tree sits there bare without any gifts, I am reminded that it’s not my birthday anyway. It’s His.

Exactly one week ago Tuesday, I looked at my husband and shared this one small opportunity to give to Jesus this Christmas. My opportunity to say, “Jesus, I don’t have anything but two little fish and five small loaves of bread. I don’t have much but the ability to write and share on this very small platform You’ve given me. But I hear the cry of those in need and I won’t turn away.”


My two little fish and five small loaves of bread being multiplied in the hands of Jesus. My seed, being broken with thanksgiving, put into His hands causing life to flourish. My little 10 dollars, saving the life of one woman. It still amazes me!

Won’t You Join Me?

I share, not so that you know what I did, for what value is there is that? But instead, I share that you may be encouraged in knowing you can make a difference. There is no gift too small or insignificant which God cannot multiply. There is no act too little, done in faith, that God cannot use.

Below are some resources to educate yourself and find out how you can get involved.

  • Books: From Congress To The Brothel & Renting Lacy
  • Shared Hope International

  • A21 Campaign, 21 ways to get involved
  • Freeset

  • Freedom House

    You too can make a difference. You too can make one small dent. As we move forward, advancing God’s kingdom- one person, one dent at a time-  we will begin to see the walls come tumbling down. So what do you say, are you up for the challenge?


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