{Wiping The Slate Clean}

It’s Monday! I love the newness Monday brings… then again, every day in Christ is like that! That’s just one of the many things I love about Him.

Every morning I wake up because He gave me a new day of life. Every morning His grace is made new for that specific day… He gives me the sufficient amount I will need (2 Corinthians 12:9). Every morning, I put my feet on the floor and with every step I take, goodness and mercy follow me (Psalm 23:6).

How can I not move with a little skip in my step?!


Here’s the thing. How can a perfect God love an imperfect me every-single-day? How can He shower me with His extravagant gifts of mercy, grace, and goodness every-single-day?

I don’t get it right. I mess up. I fall short of His glory constantly. I’ve made promises I couldn’t keep. I’ve gone right when He said left. And I’m almost sure sometimes I have even stopped moving, rebelliously crossing my arms together in front of me.

Yet, in His infinite love, He continues to woo me.


If He does it, so can I!

The moment I confess and repent, my slate is wiped off clean. And even when it takes me longer than it should to align myself, He still pours grace and mercy over me. So, if this works for Him, then I am choosing to be like Him.


Now I don’t mean to sound simplistic and trite. I don’t mean to suggest we should ignore things in our lives that need attention. Please don’t misunderstand me.

Instead, I am talking about looking about looking at your {End of The Year Evaluation} head on.

Were there areas you came short in?

Are there areas you need to attend to?

Are there areas you neglected?

What area is God calling you to focus your attention on?


Say it with me, “I’m sorry for failed attempts and broken promises. I’m sorry for taking on more than You asked me to. And I’m sorry for not paying nearly enough attention to the things You did ask of me. Today, I accept Your forgiveness and I choose to wipe my slate clean, after all, that’s what You’ve already done; You’ve already paid the price.

Then choose to wipe the slate clean and re-prioritize.

As women, we have so many roles to take on. It can be easy to pour ourselves out forgetting that wee too need care. We take on so much, and sometimes it’s necessary to just let go of the guilt, shame, and stress that comes from those things left undone.

Let me encourage you. Your values and morals, should always be based on God’s word and that doesn’t change. But the other stuff… the everyday stuff, those do change according to the season in your life. What worked yesterday may not work today. And you know? That’s ok. Sometimes we have to start all over. Sometimes there’s an unexpected turn in the road and we have to readjust. There’s nothing wrong with that.

So go ahead you have my permission to wipe the slate clean. But most importantly, you have God’s permission.


Okay so your slate is clean. What next?

  • Pray that God would show you what the important things are. We have to be okay with being unpopular. We have to be okay with saying ‘no’ if it doesn’t align itself with God’s purpose for your life right now. 
  • Prioritize. Live your life around the priorities and tasks given to you by God. Write them down. My suggestion is that your list should always start with God, Marriage, Children (in that order).
  • Serve in your gifting. We waste so much energy because we spend so much time serving in areas we are not gifted in. I’m not saying, don’t help clean at church because you’re gifted as a speaker and cleaning would drain you of your energy. Don’t use this as an excuse to be lazy. I mean, if you’re good at something, whether it be the arts, hospitality, encouragement, speaking, administration, teaching, etc., use that gift. Get involved using your God-given gifts because this truly energizing.
  • Remove from your list all the ‘extras’ being done for approval, out of perfectionism, or because ‘you’re too nice’ and can’t say no. You can’t be everything to everyone without sacrificing the things that truly need your attention. It just doesn’t work.


2012 is coming to a close. You don’t have to end the year the same way. You can live a life {In Pursuit} of God and His best. You can do this. You can set the tone for the end of this year, and you can walk into 2013 with a clear understanding of your priorities based on God’s calling over your life.

You see, aren’t Mondays wonderful?

Isn’t every day in Christ an absolutely wonderful day of new beginnings?!


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