{The Resolution for Women} Faithfully His, Part 4 (book study)

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This week’s topic was {Faithfully His}.

It amazes me that I would think I am {In Pursuit} of God, when in reality it is He who pursues me. Leading me through His word and by his Holy Spirit, I am confronted with specific areas of my life only He knows about. Like a father, holding their daughter’s hand to make sure they stick close, He holds me close whispering “This way My daughter…come, this is our next stop, Darlene.

Truthfully, sometimes I don’t want to stop ‘here’. Sometimes I want to take a turn, a detour, or maybe a short-cut. But again, I feel the pressing and the tugging, “This way, daughter. Before you can get ‘there’ we must stop ‘here’.


I was always quite opinionated. Me and my big mouth… we were always in trouble. I didn’t know how to shut up. Many times I didn’t know how to put my pride to the side. And other times, I just had to fight for what I believed. For so many years I was called stubborn, hard-headed, prideful, selfish and the list goes on and on.

“You’re always going against the grain, Darlene…”

I resented myself for being this way. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help myself.


Then one day, I realized that this part of me which (always got me in to trouble) was exactly the part of me that God created and wanted to use for His glory.

Of course, there was a lot of pride, arrogance, and self-righteousness that I needed to get rid of… major!!

“Come Darlene, this way…”

But stripped from all of that, what was left was a voice-piece. Someone who was created to speak forth God’s truths. Someone who wouldn’t be afraid to stand up for God’s principles. What remained was me, exactly the way God created me to be.

I understand that now. I’ve made peace with myself. I don’t blend in. I don’t know how to. I don’t compromise. And I don’t make excuses for it.

I have learned (and continue to learn) that there are times that call for silence. And there are other times which call for breaking of the silence. I am learning to trust in God to give me the wisdom to know the difference. Once I’m sure, I must be able to faithfully move however God leads.


To be {Faithfully His}, I must understand that God has called me, not only to have faith, but to be faithful. He’s called me not only to have convictions, but to take actions and move on those convictions.

It isn’t merely the comfortable untested summary of someone’s beliefs-her faith- but rather a persuasion; it’s moving that firm persuasion into forward motion. Having a strong set of beleifs is one thing. But standing up tall on them, making decisions according to them, and adjusting your life to line up with them- that’s quite another. That’s Faithfulness.

(Priscilla Shirer, p76)

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This is just a little taste of Week 4. 

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  1. Ok, so I got the book, started reading and just the first topic of the first part tore me up! I felt as if I was reading my life in there. I am going to have to take it easy/slow with this because I want to take advantage of what the Lord wants to do with me through this book.

    • I know what you mean, Rachel. There’s just so much good stuff. You can go back on our Facebook group to the discussion questions for that week to join the conversation. Just scroll down on the Facebook group page. You are going to love this book!

  2. I need this! Thank you!

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