{The Greatest Story Ever Told!}

Every year when it’s time to put up our Christmas tree, I pull out a cardboard box and she is immediately delighted.

“Mom, can I help?!”

“Of course you can… just be careful,” and I hand her the box.

She opens it up with such delight, carefully pulling each figure out of its styrofoam compartment. Little pieces of styrofoam fall onto the carpet. One by one, she lines them up on the table. Each little piece brings her so much excitement.


 But there’s one piece she can’t wait to take out. There’s one piece she loves to play with.


Every year it’s the same. She carefully takes out all the pieces and begins to imagine what it looked like years ago.


And I sit and watch her. She already broke the angels arms last year, and I really love this piece and don’t want it broken any further. But she’s engrossed in the story of Christmas.

She’s a shepherd, coming to see the birth of the Savior.

She’s one of the 3 wise kings following a bright star on a long journey.

She’s an angel declaring, “Glory to God on the Highest!”

She’s Mary, giving birth to divinity.

She’s Joseph, chosen to father the One who created him.

She’s baby Jesus, holiness wrapped in ragged garments, asleep on the hay…

And she lines them up. She puts them in circles. She marches them around the table.

With her big imagination, she travels from my living room to a far-and-distant stable. She’s forgotten I’m here. She’s forgotten these are just decorations. She’s forgotten how fragile they are. I hear the clank and the clink as pieces hit each other a little to hard. I see the angel, with its missing fingers flying high over top.


Although she is not yet finished, I finally chime in, “Sweety, you must be careful. These are not for play. Remember how they were broken last year?”

She carefully puts down the angel, looking at me with those dark brown eyes.

“Yes, mommy. I remember,” and she continues, “Remember when you told me the story?” 

I remember.

You think they don’t hear. You think they don’t listen. You think they forget.

But she remembered.

She circles all the pieces around baby Jesus, because that’s how it should be, isn’t it?!

Everybody around Jesus. Jesus the center of it all.

She looks at me and says, “I love that story!”


And there on my table, for all to see, is a story we always want to remember. One that we make a point not to forget. There on the table, every day this month is a story that changed my life forever. Once December is over and the lights are turned off, the decorations come down, and the tree put away, we will turn to this display and one-by-one, the pieces will go into their individual styrofoam compartment.


Yet still, the story continues because it is etched in the tablets of my heart. 

God so loved me, that He gave His only son, that if I believe, I would have eternal life with Him, (John 3:16).

This little baby, Jesus, came into this dark world years ago and His Light continues to shine brightly.

This little baby grew up. Because of His commitment to fulfill God’s word and His sacrifice on the cross, my sins are washed clean, white as snow. I am reconciled to God and in the beauty of His love, mercy, and grace, I live.

One day, I will come face-to-face with the holy baby all grown up. I will meet my Savior. Like the 3 wise men bearing gifts, I will come bearing the only gift I have. I will lay down my crown and worship!

He’s my Knight in shining armor, Who came to save me, the damsel in distress. And still He’s the Hero, Who came to save the world headed for eternal damnation.

Yes, I love this story too. It’s a {Love Story}; the greatest story ever told!!

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