{Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours!}

December came around and the Christmas tree went up. One by one, glittered ornaments in alDSC_0283l colors and sizes turned an artificial christmas tree into a beautiful piece in our living room. Yet still, the pressure and the shallowness of it all stung me.

I want a different kind of Christmas.  

The kind that doesn’t bring pressure and high expectations. As a matter of fact, if I am honest, I must admit that holidays are difficult for me. Very difficult.

I have such high expectations of how they should be and then life happens and things just don’t turn out the way I envisioned. I’m left disappointed.

Here’s the thing. What exactly are my expectations? What exactly am I not experiencing?

It it the extravagantly decorated home that I’m missing?

Is it the ability to go out and spend on Christmas time activities?

What exactly am I missing?


…and all of a sudden the pressure breaks and the shattered pieces of self-sins fall. See, beyond my circumstance, beyond the here and now, is an eternity that awaits me.

And while I’m here on earth, there are people who are hurting. There are orphans who have been left to fend for themselves. There are widows who cry themselves to sleep. There are young boys and girls who are being s*x- trafficked  and sold into this horrific ring of prostitution slavery. While I’m concerned about who I can’t buy for, there’s a homeless man and woman wondering how they will feed their little ones.

And my heart breaks. I want to do. I want to speak out. I want to turn this world upside down.

And I’m disgusted with the shallowness of our lives. I’m disgusted with the way we walk through life, invisible to a world crying out in need.

And this Christmas. I want Jesus. This Christmas I want the miracle that gave it all up that He may pour Himself out.

I want that kind of heart. I want that kind of mindset. I want to be willing to let go of anything and everything, that I may be poured out, spent. That when I stand before my King, I’d have nothing left because I gave it all.


I love God. I try to live a life {In Pursuit} of Him. He is a part of my every day. Yet still, if we’re not careful, this world desensitizes us to the things which are eternal, the things that really matter.

Could you go through life being good, doing the right things, yet still miss the heart of God?

Could we go through life making sure our little corner of the world is in order and shun out the need of those crying out around us?

My prayer is “Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours!

I want to look at the world not through my own selfish and sinful eyes. Instead, I want to look at the world through the Spirit. I want to see the pain, the hurt, the lonely, the deserted, the broken, the rejected, and I want to be broken for them. I want to feel what they feel. I want to care. I want to feel compassion and mercy. I want to love.

Yes indeed. This Christmas will be different.

He  left His glory, came  to earth, and put on humanity that I may, in Christ Jesus, put on divinity. 

I’m not talking about a whole bunch of little gods walking around pridefully and arrogantly. I’m talking about putting on the righteousness of Christ, being filled with the Holy Spirit, walking in justice and mercy, and living out Christmas every single day of our lives.

I’m talking about Jesus, giving it all that all might be gained.

Us, giving it all that all might be gained. 


And so, I’m speaking out on the things God’s burdened my heart with. I’m speaking out on things we want to ignore because it makes people uncomfortable. I’m speaking out on Christmas every single day. Jesus Christ came that we ALL might have eternal life.

This is where I turn Christmas upside down. This is where I turn life upside down.

Won’t you come along with me?

Let’s revolutionize this world for Jesus. Let’s pour ourselves out and give it all that His name may be glorified and His kingdom advanced.

Here’s a start. Listen to the heart of God…

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