{The Resolution for Women} Authentically Me, Part 3 (book study)

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This week’s topic was {Authentically Me} Intelligent Design.

What a chapter! I don’t know about you, but I was telling someone this week… “I just feel like there’s so much in here. Like I need to go slowly and soak it in!”

And that’s how I feel. Like I’m still soaking all this in. Because there’s a fine line between pride and arrogance, and the kind of beauty that comes from a woman who knows who she is in Christ. For years, I’ve fought to find a place that honors God and this year… I feel God calling me to less of me and more of Him.

So how do you do that while continuing to move in your gifts for the Kingdom?

I am learning that for me, it means to work and move and encourage and lift up without worrying about my name getting the credit.

It means to do what He calls me to do even if no one shows up, even if there are no pats on the back.

As a matter of fact, I am learning that sometimes it’s so much better when there is no glory I can steal for myself. Because at the end of the day, any glory that was given to me must be laid at His feet… because all of it…. ALL OF IT, belongs to Him.

So {Authentically Me} is causing me to look deeper at what God says about me.

Not what others say about me.
Not what others think about me.
Not even what others might praise me with.

What does HE say?

Ephesians 2 10

And you know… it’s beautiful. He says I’m a masterpiece. Me! With all my imperfections, with all my weaknesses, with all my struggles… He sees me the way He intended me to be…a masterpiece. And even more than that, He has works He created me to walk in long before I was even born.

It humbles me to think that God, the Creator of the Universe could ever look at me and smile knowingly because of all He’s already predestined for me…


This is just a little taste of Week 3.  

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