{The Sacrifice That Truly Honors God…}

“…Giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors Me. If you keep to my path, I will reveal to you the salvation of God.” (Psalm 50:23)

Because life is hard. And sometimes there’s grime and grit to sort through.

Because sometimes a check in the mail just won’t suffice. And a fancy decorated Christmas tree with many white lights just won’t light up the darkness.

Because sometimes the pain medication just doesn’t bring comfort to your sickness. And getting through the day seems unbearable.

Because sometimes children don’t make right choices. And your heart is heavy beyond what you can bear.

Because sometimes a death in the family turns everything upside down. And you’re not sure how you will make it.

Because hurricanes and earthquakes happen. And one day you have a place to call home and the next you don’t.

Because sometimes people work hard and get laid off anyway. And wondering how they will feed their little ones is a burden too huge to carry.

When life is hard and all seems dark. When you don’t have answers and you cannot understand.

When beautiful decorations, tasty cookies, and tons of wrapped gifts under the tree are not enough… and all that’s on your wish-list is a Savior…

Psalm 50-23

Giving thanks is the sacrifice that truly honors Him.

Giving thanks when you look around and you don’t find anything worth being thankful for.

That’s the thanks that honors Him.

It’s the thanks that says, It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It doesn’t matter what they say. It doesn’t if I’m the last one standing. It doesn’t matter if it hurts. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have an answer. It doesn’t matter if it all gets taken from me. It doesn’t matter.

I GIVE YOU THANKS!!! Because you are good.

I GIVE YOU THANKS!!! Because your love endures forever!

I GIVE YOU THANKS!!! Simply because You Are!

It is this giving of thanks, the kind that presses through the brokenness, the kind that pushes past the opposition, the kind that fights through the pain and the struggle and the grit and the grime…

This sacrifice of thanks honors Him.

And if it honors Him, then I will push it forth like a woman ready for  labor. Like a woman whose body has no alternative but to push life forth. I know nothing more except that which my spirit bears witness to.

I push forth thanks. I push forth praise. I push forth gratitude.

And I believe that He will reveal to me the {Salvation of God}!!


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