It’s That Time Of The Year Again…

It’s that time of the year again: Time for my self-evaluation. Some think it’s narcissistic and still others think it’s masochistic.

But I say it is neither.

It’s easy to bypass a self-evaluation. It’s easy to be ‘ok’ with where we are. It’s easy to just ‘keep it moving’. Some go as far as saying, ‘we shouldn’t look back, we should simply keep looking forward to what’s ahead’. While I don’t encourage dwelling in past failures and mistakes, I think the opposite is true. And perhaps you disagree, but Proverbs 4:26 tells me to “ponder the path of my feet”.

Sometimes in life, we have to stop in our tracks and we have to take notice. The closing of the year reminds me to do this. See, whether I’m ready for it or not, 2013 is going to come. Pouting, whining, and ignoring it won’t change a thing.

Self-evaluation time is not for people who want to inflict pain upon themselves by dwelling on setbacks and failures. It’s for people who have the courage and strength to really look at themselves. It’s for people who can stand in front of the mirror of God’s word and pray ‘Lord, keep me from lying to myself’ (Psalm 119:21).

So as I take this week to see where my feet have taken me in 2012, where I’m at, where I’m going, and what God is saying, I leave you with these posts which I wrote during last year’s {End of the Year Makeover} series.

And let me just add, it all begins with prayer. It all begins by seeking the face of God. It is there where you will find the direction needed for 2013. He knows what lies ahead. He knows the areas in your life which have detained and deterred you in the past. So don’t take this task up on your own strength. Instead move into it in His love and grace. My friend, He has answers for you…

(Sidenote: You have a little more than a month before we ring in the year. Don’t feel the need to rush through.)

{Preparing Your Heart For A New Year}

{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 1 & 2, Clean & Year End Evaluation}

{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 3, Finances}

{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 4, Health and Fitness}

{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 5, Marriage}

{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 6, Parenting}

{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 7, Taking Care of You}



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