{5 Days To Save Money With Coupons} Let’s Go Shopping! – Day 5

We’re on Day 5 of our {5 Days To Save Money With Coupons} series.

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So what have we learned so far?

Day 1: Benefits of Couponing

Day 2: Where Do I Start?

Day 3: Get Set Up & Get Organized

Day 4: Do The Research & Plan Ahead

Day 5: Let’s Go Shopping!

* * * * *

Can you believe it? We’re on Day 5 of our series. Boy how time flies! Today we’re going to go on a simple shopping trip. Nothing extravagant. We’re just going to pick up some quick-lunch meals for the week. But before we go, let me introduce you to Stephanie (for those of you who still don’t know her).


Hi! I’m Stephanie! I am a wife, stay at home mom of two young children (ages 4 & 1) and I have a passion for couponing. I turned to couponing about 1 year and 8 months ago to help my husband of 6 years with finances, and I have never looked back since. Couponing has become a way of life and I will speak to just about anyone on the joys of couponing.

Join me and (mostly Stephanie) as we make a quick stop at Target. She’s going to show us how she uses coupons to get items super-cheap. Here we go….


{Stephanie here} I just wanted to share an example of what you can accomplish with couponing.

I originally planned on buying the Jimmy Dean Delights quesadillas which Target had on sale 2 for $4.00, but they didn’t have any in stock. The trip to the store was not in vain though, because the Jimmy Dean Delights that you see in the picture were $2.04 regular price.

My coupon was for $2.00 off of any Jimmy Dean Delight Products. Although I didn’t get the quesadillas I went for, I purchased another Jimmy Dean Delight meal, and each box  was only .04 cents each.

Not only did I get them for .04 cents each, but Target honors those that use reusable bags with an additional .05 cents off. As you can see in the picture below, it doesn’t matter what reusable bag as long as you have one.

And that’s not all. If you have a Target Debit card you can save 5% off of every purchase. It doesn’t cost anything to have one it’s just an incentive Target has to get more shoppers into their stores.

It’s very exciting to save money this way. I am a stay-at-home-mom by choice, but I am happy to know that with couponing I am able to help my husband out while enjoying the benefits of being with my children. Couponing has allowed me to enjoy them to the fullest and not miss all the little things. I thank the Lord for all his blessing.

I pray the information provided in this {5 Days To Save Money With Coupons} series, can serve as a help for those who are looking for way to save, and maybe even get out of debt. God bless everyone. I wish you the best and happy couponing.




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