{5 Days To Save Money With Coupons} Do The Research and Plan Ahead – Day 4

We’re on Day 4 of our {5 Days To Save Money With Coupons} series. Join me (and mostly Stephanie!) this week as we learn more about this money-saving phenomenon. If you’re new to this blog and you want to go back to the beginning of the series, click {here}.

So what can we look forward to?

Day 1: Benefits of Couponing

Day 2: Where Do I Start?

Day 3: Get Set Up & Get Organized

Day 4: Do The Research & Plan Ahead

Day 5: Let’s Go Shopping!

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We’ve been hanging out with Stephanie this week as she teaches us how to {Save Money With Coupons}. If it wasn’t for her Facebook posts where I’ve seen her purchased items and the amount she paid, I wouldn’t believe it myself. When I saw that she purchased a table full of products for less than $7, I had to get in on some coupon knowledge.

And now, you can too. Let’s go ahead and learn how to {Do The Research & Plan Ahead}.

In case you haven’t already done so,


Hi! I’m Stephanie! I am a wife, stay at home mom of two young children (ages 4 & 1) and I have a passion for couponing. I turned to couponing about 1 year and 8 months ago to help my husband of 6 years with finances, and I have never looked back since. Couponing has become a way of life and I will speak to just about anyone on the joys of couponing.


Before heading out to the store it is very important that you know your stores coupon policy. I would suggest learning to coupon at one store at a time. Once you learn all there is to know on that store, you can move on to others. Remember, every store has a different coupon policy which can seem overwhelming and confusing.

However, you can usually view coupon policies on the stores official  website. (If you can’t find one, call the store or go in person and speak to a store manager on their policy.) They are very thorough on what is accepted  and what is not. So ask any questions you might have before attempting it at checkout.

I always carry a copy of the store coupon policy with me (just in case) I have any problems at checkout. There may be times when the cashiers is unfamiliar with the policy. Having a copy of the policy on hand will prove helpful. Always be polite and courteous so that we keep a good reputation for our fellow couponers.


Make sure to read the fine print. Some things to look for are:

  • Limit one coupon per purchase
  • Size restrictions on product purchase
  • Do not double
  • Limit one per transaction

Reading the fine print will help you avoid coupon fraud of any sort. Although it’s a lot to get into on this post, if you have any question or concerns about this, I’d be happy to answer them. Simply leave a comment below.


Now that you’ve done your research, it is time to plan your shopping trip.

  • Start by viewing your store’s weekly ad and circling items you’re interested in.
  • Check your coupons to match the items. (If you’re pressed for time, like many are, there are couponing websites that can tell you what’s on sale, what coupons to use, where to find, and when to use them.)
  • Make a list of the items you’re going to buy and separate the coupons you will use.
  • Then make sure you pick the best time to go to the store. (I would suggest going early in the day to avoid a lot of traffic and empty shelves. It will be less stressful and you’re sure to get the deals.)

One mistake many coupon newbies make is using a coupon just because they have it. To be a great couponer, it is important to wait until the items go on sale, then use your coupons. That way you save as much money as possible. Sometimes the sales are so good that with your coupons you can get things for cents on the dollar, or even free. When that happen it’s a great time to stock up. Yes it take some time but it will save you money in the long run. So, planning ahead is the best way to go.

Still interested? Great! Then meet me tomorrow when do a little shopping and show you how it’s done on Day 5 of {Save Money With Coupons}!


DAY 5: Let’s Go Shopping!






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