{Revolutionary Women}: The Confrontation -Part 2

Join us for our series {Revolutionary Women} Touched By Jesus, Resulting In Radical Change.

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{Revolutionary Women} Touched By Jesus Resulting In Radical Change

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Alright, so yesterday I promised I would share my very embarrassing story. So without circling around it, here goes.

When I was a single mother, I had big dreams. I was going to be great! I was going to climb the corporate ladder. I was going to do great things for God. I was serving on the Praise & Worship Team, I served with the Ushers & Greeters, I taught Sunday School to the 10-12 year-old kids. I was all in it!

And although I loved God, I was still so very immature. I was living a godly life on the outside and I was pursuing great things, but at home I was a mess. Remember, as a young girl I was out on the streets, rather than learning the skills I’d need to take care of and manage a home in the future.


I was completely disorganized. You know, as in ‘oh-my-goodness-mom’s-coming-over-hide-everything-in-the-closet‘ disorganized. My poor fiancé (my now husband) didn’t know much about this side of me. He was the complete opposite. He was the type whose closet was perfectly set up, the type who would line up his cologne bottles in neat rows. I silently rolled my eyes, in disgust, at his extreme behavior. I mean really, who cares?!

One day, during our engagement, he showed up at my house and caught me off guard. I had a dining room table, and I kid you not, the entire surface of the table was covered. I had magazines, papers, folders, unopened bills, calendars… every square inch was covered. My poor fiance looked traumatized when he saw this.

And I, well, I was disturbed by his expression. What was his problem?

He finally says, “Darlene, are you serious? What on earth is all this? How could you possible eat on here? This is crazy!”

To which I responded,  “I can’t believe you. I work all day and then I have to come home and take care of everything. I’m exhausted.  Look this is MY place. That’s my table. You don’t pay the bills around here, I do. And if I want to have my stuff all over the place, I can.

(The nerve of him!!! Of course I eat at the table! I simply move the pile over and there is sufficient space for me!)

I got so worked up, I stomped up to my bedroom and dramatically threw myself across my bed.


Can you believe Him God? How dare He? All day I am working to feed my son and I, and then I’m off at church serving…. I’m exhausted… I can’t believe him!!

And as I lay there having second thoughts about this fiancé of mine, and as I complained  to the Lord about him, I turned my head to the side. You would not believe this, but there, on the left side of my bed, from the headboard to the foot of the bed, was a pile of laundry I had washed and never put away. There, where my future husband would one day lay, was a pile of clothes.

And the Holy Spirit said to me so clearly, “You are in no condition to be  a wife.”

OUCH!! Talk about a smack in the face!

What does one say to that?

See, God knows us better than we know ourselves. The disorder in my home was a reflection of the internal disorder in my heart, mind, and soul. I could argue with my fiancé, but I couldn’t argue with God.

Now, I wish I could say I learned my lesson that day in my bedroom, but sadly I didn’t. Sometimes, the mess inside is so great,  we foolishly hide it under the rug hoping it would someday disappear. The problem is that it never does go away.

For me, it got worse.

My friend, a life {In Pursuit} of God and His abundance is a life which no longer hides or makes excuses.

Join me tomorrow as I share with you the event that exposed my chaos in more ways than I wish to share.

So meet me here tomorrow, because we are {Revolutionary Women} touched by Jesus resulting in radical change. The story doesn’t end here!

Blessings, peace, and all my love-


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