Maintain Your Position {With Praise!} -Part 4

This week we made a declaration, we would no longer be moved and shifted by the circumstances of life. Instead, we will maintain our position in spite of opposition! 

Join us for our 5 part series this week:

Stand Guard! Hold Your Position! -Part 1

Maintain Your Position {With Prayer} -Part 2

Maintain Your Position {With Thanksgiving} – Part 3

* * * * *

We’ve been gearing up around here. We are sick and tired of running every time opposition arises. We have made a declaration of faith! On Monday, we released a prayer here on {In Pursuit}. We made a decision to stand guard. We would not relent in our pursuit of God regardless of the opposition that came our way.

I know these disciplines I am sharing with you this week work.

How, you ask?

Simple. Because since December of 2010, I am a living testimony of what I’m sharing here.

1. Prayer. Because all we ever need, all we could ever want, all we could ever dream of… it’s all found in His Presence.

2. Thanksgiving. Because a heart filled with thanksgiving cannot simultaneously complain and grumble. (Go ahead, try it!)

And the 3rd discipline?


Most of the time, people going through a storm never get to this discipline. It’s so difficult to practice praise when one is so hurt and overwhelmed. It’s difficult to lift up our voices when the breath has been knocked out of us. We have very little strength. We have very little energy. We have very little hope. Praise is the last thing on our mind.

My friend, I know it’s not easy to release a praise when going through marriage issues. I know that it takes all you’ve got in you to even wake up next to your spouse without rolling your eyes in disgust.

I know it’s not easy to release a praise when your children have turned their backs on you and on God. I know it takes all you’ve got to love them and not push them away.

I know it’s not easy to release a praise when your finances are in chaos and the mortgage company is constantly calling, reminding you of how past due you are. I know it takes all you’ve got to wake up and push through the constant bills, phone calls, and life situations shouting at you, ‘you’ll never have enough!’

I know it’s not easy to release a praise when sickness, and the pain that comes along with it, has gripped your body. I know it takes all you’ve got to hold onto hope in the midst of the beeping hospital machines, the pile of medication bottles, and the doctors and nurses pulling and prying and pressing on your body.

My friend. I understand opposition. It’s that stuff that gets in your face day in and day out without giving you a break. Everywhere you turn, there it is, frustrating your plans.

But my process has taught me that which Hebrews 13:15 calls “a sacrifice of praise”.

I have learned that praise causes God to be magnified, exponentially!

See, I can shout from the rooftops,

God, You are worthy!

There is none like You!

You are the Alpha and the Omega! The Beginning and the End!

You are the Omnipotent God!

You are the God of all wisdom. 

All honor, and glory, and power, and dominion belong to You!

I can exalt God. Yet my praise does not actually make God biggerMy praise doesn’t make God greater. It doesn’t give Him more power or glory. I cannot add to Him, and I cannot take away from Him. He is.

Instead, it does something inside of me. It changes my perceptions and perspective of how great He is in comparison to my situation. Praise makes God greater in me. While I cannot make Him bigger, praise magnifies God in me until my faith increases causing me to see Him as greater than my opposition.

And when I begin to see that God is in fact greater than the opposition threatening my very existence, I can maintain my position with confidence.

It’s like the little brother who is picked on in school. His opposition, that big bully, is scary. His opposition causes fear to rise up every single time little brother sees him on the playground. But then little brother runs home and gets big brother. And you know, when little brother stands back and sees big brother standing next to the school bully… hmmm, he gets a different perspective. The opposition doesn’t seem so big and scary after all!

So go ahead, and give God a sacrifice of praise! And watch that big bully on the playground begins to shrink right before your eyes! You no longer have to run in fear.

Maintain your position in spite of opposition. Give God praise because He is worthy of all the praise.

Then join me tomorrow as we close this series with the last discipline necessary for this showdown.

Remember, in 2012, you will reap the harvest of all that has been sown. God is for you!!

Standing in the gap with you-


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