Stand Guard! Hold Your Position! -Part 1

I am so glad you’ve joined me today. However, I must forewarn you, today’s post is not for the weak minded. It’s not for those who waver back and forth between their reality and God’s reality. Today’s post is for those who understand there is calling upon their lives.

It is for those who understand the “Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force,” (Matthew 11:12).

Today I’m not talking to those who have to second guess whether they will show up to fight the war that has been waged by the enemy. Instead, I am talking to men and women of God, who have chosen to stand up and take their rightful positions. I’m talking to men and women, who haven’t taken off their armor to take a a little siesta while all hell is breaking loose in their families, in their finances, in their health, in their ministries.

Today I am speaking to God’s warriors. Those who understand the cost and the sacrifice of standing up in courage in spite of the advancing forces of the enemy. I am talking to those who are willing to lay their lives down at the altar of sacrifice because they understand that God is good and that He will provide.

Listen, I speak to you as a follower of Christ who ran from the fight time and time again because of fear. I’m talking to you as a follower of Christ whose faith was so weak, I didn’t really trust God would show up. I’m talking to you as a woman who has suffered much, each blow threatening to destroy me.

And I speak to you as a woman who has learned that running away from the battle doesn’t actually end the battle itself. The war continues. And I can choose to allow myself and those I love to be taken as prisoners of war, or I can face the ugly in confidence that God fights with me and for me!

As 2012 comes to a close, I stand in the gap with you.

My friend, you’ve showed up here on {In Pursuit} and you’ve walked alongside me on this journey of living an abundant life in Christ. And although I love to share what I’ve learned along the way about organizing, homemaking, and the like, my heart’s desire is that when you meet me here, you’d find Jesus!

May you finish this year strong and in full confidence that your pursuit of God is really all about His amazing pursuit of you!

And so, birthed out of my own pain and struggles, here is my shout of encouragement for your today.

Stand guard.

Hold your position.

Do not withdraw your sword and your shield. 

Do not waiver in your trust in God.

Do not surrender to the intimidation of the enemy.

Do not relent  in your pursuit!

Do not back down!

Do not retreat!

Do not resign!

Do not yield to the tactics of the enemy!

 Maintain your position in spite of opposition!


Join me tomorrow as we see what maintaining your position in spite of opposition looks like practically (in your day-to-day).

In 2012, you will reap the harvest of all that has been sown. God is for you!!

Standing in the gap with you-


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