Have you ever felt like there’s so much happening, so much to share, yet there’s a small voice saying,”Quiet…” That’s how I feel today. I wrote an entire post, yet there it was. The nudging. The leading. The guiding of the Spirit of God.

Because some secrets are ruined when they are exposed before time.

Because some things are only for you to ponder in your heart.

Because sometimes, it’s just better to stay quiet than to blurt things out simply because you’re too excited to contain them.

So today, I am quiet. Today I ponder in my heart the wonders of God in my life, in the Body of Christ, and in this amazing world we live in. Today I remain quiet and heed the direction of God trusting and rejoicing over the secrets that only He and I share.

Perhaps, you too are in that place. And if so, I delight in knowing that we can have these quiet moments without interrupting the journey we are on together.

May you find great joy and peace as you continue to walk in fellowship and intimacy with Almighty God.



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