The Whispers Of God

A Poem by Darlene Collazo

I get tired of all the ‘noise’ going on around me.

I am no longer interested in false illusions this world constantly taunts me with.

I am nauseated by the counterfeit perceptions of success and happiness offered me by this culture and society.

Everywhere I look, sin is flaunted.

Everywhere I turn my face, sin is elevated high.

Sin is paraded around.

Worn as badges of honor;

Chests pumped up.

Shoulders back.

Heads held up.

Stars and stripes of so-called honor.

And sin is lifted high.

I get tired of all the ‘noise’.

I seek the whispers of a God who has something more to say.

More than deceptive words tickling my ears.

More than the unreliable and suspicious promises of this world.

I seek to hear the One Who can breathe words voicelessly, yet  so loudly He causes my spirit to tremble.

I seek to hear words that quench my thirst.

Words that fan the flame of my soul.

I seek to hear the words of the One whose depth I can never understand on this side of heaven.

I long to escape the shallow waters of this culture and plunge into the profundity of the I AM.

And so, I bend down low. I prostrate myself.

Face touching the dry and filthy dirt from which I came from.

And in compliance to the One whose tug I can no longer break away from, I submit.

Deep down from the surface of my superficial every day,

I hear the whispers of God…’Come…there’s so much more!’


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