{Don’t Miss Today While Chasing Tomorrow}

I spent years grasping for a life of greatness. From 22 years of age, when I had an encounter with the Lord, until the age of 29, when we had our house fire, I was reaching.

Sadly, I came up empty-handed may times. I was so caught-up with arriving at that place of greatness, I forgot to enjoy the journey there. I missed so much of my young life because of this. I tried too hard. I sought the approval of those in authority over my life. I rejected my role and position in the home because it just wasn’t as grand as what I was chasing after. I was chasing the dream and missing ‘real life’.

In 2010, due to a house fire, I found myself in a hotel suite with a family of five during the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years were spent away from the comforts of our home.

Yet beyond all the exterior inconveniences, I was fighting a huge internal battle; a battle of discontentment for where I was in life. A battle of disillusionment and bitterness because I felt cheated.

In her book, The Resolution Revolution, Priscilla Shirer puts it like this,

“I realized this feeling had a name: discontentment. He shows up at your doorstep just like mine, eager to step inside and make himself at home. But instead of only coming for short visits on rare occasion, he refuses to leave, spreading his baggage everywhere, filling up corners of your space that you thought you’d locked up to this odious intruder. He comes. He lingers. He robs you of your years. Then before you know it, you’ve missed out on the joys in the journey, the growth that comes from battling through the difficulties, the sweet and savory experience of creating memories.”

At that time, the prodigious amount of discontentment and bitterness with my life spiraled down to a major depression. It got so serious; I just wanted to sleep in hopes that I’d never wake up again. Facing every new day was extremely painful.

…But then, God showed up.

In my misery, He revealed his hand at work in my life. He gave me hope for my future. And as if that were not enough, He birthed in me a new song. My life has never been the same.

I have learned that life is about the journey today. I’ve learned that approval from God is the only approval worth seeking (and He already approved me!). I learned that God is good and He is good over my life.

I’ve learned to be content with this season of life, while believing God for my future. There is great joy and great excitement in waking up each morning because each day has purpose in it.

Now, I don’t know what regrets you’re holding onto. And I don’t know what illusions of perfection you’re chasing after. I’m not sure if bitterness and discontentment have knocked at your door. But there is one thing I now understand.

Right here (right now) God is blessing me. He’s blessing you. Paradigms must shift and we must learn to experience God here rather than rushing past today in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Chasing after the greatness of tomorrow leaves you devoid of the amazing wonders and blessing occurring in your today.

Be here now. Show up for your life today and experience the wonders of God magnificently at work… Don’t miss today while chasing tomorrow.

Yes, this IS my life! And I rejoice in it!

How about you?

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  1. Wow… I you only knew what you mean to me. I’m not just saying that… I pray blessings over your family, over your marriage, over your household and over your ministry and gifts God has given you! You are amazing, continue living on purpose God is touching and transforming lives through your testimonies and life experience. I love you!

    • Rachel, thank you for those kinds words. I really appreciate them. So blessed to know that my testing is not in vain and that God can use it all for His glory.
      P.S. You’re a pretty amazing chick yourself! I am so proud of you and I’m totally blessed by what God is doing in your family!!

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