{Changes, Changes. Schedule It In.} -Part 3

Woo hoo, you’re courageous aren’t ‘cha?!

You came back for more. Now I’m really excited! Why? Well, because it’s so much more fun to go through this difficult process together. It reminds me that I’m not at it alone.

Allow me a moment to just say, “Thank You!”

You encourage me, friend!

For those who are completely lost, we’ve been talking about CHANGES. You know, those things that need to occur before things look different from what we’re accustomed to. Yes, those things. Changes.

First we talked about {acknowledgement and our willingness to change}.

Then we talked about {writing the vision}.

Today we are talking about {Scheduling It In}.

There are two parts to this. The first deals with the vision statement we worked on yesterday. Let’s look at the nonnegotiables.

Schedule It In. Make It Happen.

This part is entirely based on your preference. I’ve shared with you numerous times my love for planners, checklists, and calendars. But you have to know what works for you. Some like to keep their schedules on their PDA’s or Smartphones. Other’s like paper and pencil.

Once you’ve made your choice, schedule in the daily essentials and nonnegotiables. These could include devotional time with God, church time, work, appointments, etc.

Next, schedule items like Bill Due Dates, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

Why are we doing this? Simple. We cannot make time for our vision if we don’t know how much time is already taken up. Scheduling in the essentials and nonnegotiables, helps us accurately see what we’re working with.

Got 20?

And because it’s Wednesday,  that leads me to the {The 20 Minute Rule} we spoke about last week.

Make a list of things that need your attention based on yesterday’s vision statement.

An example of a list might be:

Got 20?:

  • Call sister ___. Schedule fellowship.
  • Walk treadmill
  • Clean out cabinets
  • Read through book of Ruth
  • Read 1 Chapter of book
  • Ideas/planning for holidays

See, that’s easy. Just write down things that need your attention. Then as you look at your schedule, find chunks of 20 minutes. So if you have about an hour while the kids are napping or doing homework, then go ahead and take that time to call that sister and arrange a time for fellowship. Finish that off and have more time on your clock? Great. Set the timer for 20 minutes, sit with a cup of coffee or tea and start writing down ideas and plans for the holiday season. Still have some time remaining? Set the timer again. You get it by now don’t you?

This is a very easy-going way of ensuring you make the most of the extra time you have. Because you already have a list of things you wish to do (which line up with your goals and vision for your life), life becomes purposeful. You’re not just filling in time with careless nonsense. Instead, everything you do will be done with purpose and on purpose.

Things won’t just happen. You have to make them happen. Scheduling it in will help you continue to make the changes necessary to see a different outcome.

You walked with me through the confrontation process. You came along and wrote the vision for your life. So what do you say? Will you now join me by scheduling it in? If so, join me here next Wednesday when we’ll follow-up with our progress. 

I can’t wait to hear all that has occurred as a result of the changes!

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