{In The Beginning…}


My Facebook post yesterday went as follows:

In spite of sounding religious and fanatical. I am a Bible believing, Jesus follower. God is real. He leaves me in awe at the mere fact that He chooses to be in relationship with little ‘ol imperfect, me. I am {In Pursuit} of Him because He was first {In Pursuit} of me! I love my Savior. I love my God and I cannot fathom a life absent of the One who created the heavens, the earth, and everything in it… the One who chose to leave His glory in heaven, take on the flesh of man to understand what it means to live in this skin…

I cannot imagine a life absent of the One who died for my sins, resurrected as He promised that I might have eternal life with Him. I’m a romantic at heart. If this is not the most beautiful, heart-moving love story ever… it gets even better… My king will one day return for me. Yes!! I live with that hope! I live holding on to that one truth. He is coming back for me!! I live {In Pursuit} of Him, but really- it was He who pursued me first!!! So in love with my Savior!!!

This post was as a result of an assignment I had to do for my Communications class. Bear with me, this might be a bit wordy.

It was Sunday afternoon. We had come out of an amazing service and rather than being able to enjoy the day, I had a paper due with a word count of 1050-1750 words. And the worst part about it is that I had absolutely no motivation or desire to write it. It gets even worse, when I checked the assignment, I had to talk about communication barriers that exist within a movie (which I was supposed to watch and break down). This my friends, was an assignment I couldn’t just get through. I had to actually name the plot, characters, communication barriers and more.

My husband who saw my blank stare asked me if I wanted him to go pick up a movie. I checked out Redbox and saw a movie called The Genesis Code, and off he went to get it. I went into my sunroom to watch it. I have curtains there that cover the bottom half of the windows. So laying on my daybed in the sunroom, I could see the moon shining brightly, shining beautifully.

And I sat there, watched the movie for my assignment and resonated with some of the characters. The movie causes us to look at what the Bible tells us about Creation and what science explains to us about the beginning of life. And as each side tries to prove how the world came to be, those words beat loudly in my heart….

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” (Genesis 1:1).

And the movie finished and those words continued to resound within me.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,”

And there I sat, in my sunroom with an assignment waiting for me. It was about 9:30 pm. and I had to have that paper finished that night. But I couldn’t move. Not because of the movie. Not because of what I had just saw. But instead because of the amazing revelation going on within me. The God of the universe. The Creator. The One who place that incredible, beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring moon to shine and rule over the night-time… He took such care to create me. He loves me. Me.

See, you may not get excited about the story of Creation. It may just be a story you heard back in Sunday school when you were six years old. But to me, my faith hangs on that story. Everything I believe is founded on the belief that God did in fact create the heavens and the earth. My faith in Jesus Christ cannot stand apart from God the Creator.

So I sat there. I cried. I was filled with such awe and wonder at the greatness and holiness of my God. Wow. I wish I had the words to express myself… but how can one express in human words the Presence of God? All I can say is He is holy. He is AWE-some!

And there, in my sunroom, I am so sure that the Creator met me, the creation. And there in that sunroom, I experienced the holiness that comes from God being present. Here. In the midst of my circumstances. In spite of my weakness and shortcomings. The Creator is just as in love with his creation as He was in the garden. The Creator loves me!!

And as if that wasn’t enough, I sat in front of my computer and did what I have never done before. I wrote and formatted a 1300 word count paper in about half an hour.

He amazes me, yes indeed!

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