{Checklist For Life: Week 10, Everyday Miracles}

There was a mix up in my days this week so our  Checklist for Life, book study  is coming to you today rather than yesterday.

Without further delay, let’s go ahead and jump into Week 10: Everyday Miracles: Here On Earth.  Here we go…


Week 1- Self Acceptance= we spoke about the different issues that teens face regarding their self-image and we also reviewed how God sees us. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Verse Cards on Self Acceptance}

Week 2- Loss= we learned how to handle loss in our lives God’s way. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Verse Cards on Loss}

Week 3- Cliques= we learned about the pressure of belonging and the importance of knowing our identity and position in the Body of Christ. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Verse Cards on Cliques}

Week 4- Gossip, we talked about the importance of knowing the power in your words and how they affect others.  Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Gossip}

Week 5- Tolerance= we talked about accepting others and what it looks like to see others the way Christ sees them. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Accepting Others}

Week 6- Pride= we talked about pride and the harmful effects it has. We also talked about how God views pride. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Pride}

Week 7- Success= we talked about God’s view of success vs. our views of success. Download your Free {Scripture Memory Cards on Success.

Week 8- Valueswe talked about knowing your values so that you are not corrupted by evil company. Download your FREE  {Scripture Memory Cards on Values}.

Week 9- Parents= we talked about parents role in guiding their children and the wisdom that teens can reap from their parents. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Parents}.

Feel free to go back and review and download the FREE Scripture Cards for each week.


This week topic is {Everyday Miracles: Here On Earth}.

{READ} first things first… let’s check out God’s word. What does God’s word say about {EVERYDAY MIRACLES}?

  • John 14:12
  • Psalm 66:5
  • 1 Chronicles 16:11-12
  • Psalm 77:11
  • Job 5:9
  • Psalm 77:14

Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Everyday Miracles} (<—–simply click link).

Here’s a tip: I cut these out and laminated them. I then bought loose leaf book rings at STAPLES (office supply store), punched a hole through them and now my kids can study the verses anytime without losing any of the scripture cards (especially helpful when reviewing while on the road).


We talked about miracles, both big and small. And we read scripture.



  • Has God done big (memorable) miracles in your life?
  • What kinds of miracles does He do daily? (waking you up, providing, etc.)
  • Do you take God’s everyday miracles for granted?
  • If so, why?
  • How can we take routine things and see the miracles of God in them?


(pg. 86 in the book)


This week’s book study was pretty simple. After going through the above information, we prayed that God would help us to see His hand active in all things in our lives.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. My son put it quite simply. When asked, ‘do you take God’s everyday miracles for granted?’, his answer was ‘yes, many times.‘ When asked, ‘why?‘. His answer was, ‘because it all becomes ‘normal’.

Isn’t that just like us? How easy it is to take the faithfulness, grace, and mercy of God for granted. All of these are miracles. We don’t deserve it, yet still, God showers us with them.

I love that about this book study. We’re simply going through a book, chapter by chapter. Although it’s meant for him to learn some valuable principles and lessons, I find that, I too, am learning. God’s word is like that. I love it!


So there you have it, this weeks study. Send me your comments and let me know how it went for you. I want to hear about it! And get ready for next week’s topic, {Loyalty: High Fidelity}.

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