{Come Up Close, There’s So Much To See…}


I learn so much from observing my children. I learn so much about them, about me. And can I tell you a secret? Many times, what I learn about me is not that pretty, {shhhh}. I can confide in you to keep that secret, right?!

The other day we went for a walk in the park. The sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing just enough to make wearing a long sleeve shirt comfortable. The trees were adorned with leaves already changing colors. They seemed to be saying something; almost as if they were declaring to the world…

“a new season is coming”.

And while many run from the thought of the cold weather, the change in the atmosphere, the cooling of the temperatures…the dawning of a new season still comes. Whether we’re ready for it or not…it’s just around the corner.

And she, well, she hears the bustle going on around her and she moves up close. I tell her to stay next to me, but her curiosity gets the best of her and she runs through the grass without a second thought. She wants to get up close.

She stands there and watches.

I want to be like that. I want to move up close. Close up to the place where God is moving. Close up to the changes occurring around me. Close up to the new. Close up to what God is doing…

A new season is approaching.

And so, without thinking it through any further I make up my mind.

There’s so much to see up close… I dare not stand back and miss all the wonder before me!


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