{The Power Of A Praying Parent}

Stormie Omartian begins her book, The Power Of A Praying Parent, like this:

It’s the best of jobs. It’s the most difficult of jobs. It can bring you the greatest joy. It cn cause the greatest pain. There is nothing as fulfilling and exhilarating. There’s nothing so depleting and exhausting. No area of your life can make you feel more like a success when everything is going well. No area of your life can make you feel more like a failure when things go wrong. PARENTING!

You’re Not Alone

Okay, was she listening to the conversation I had the night before with my husband? You know that whole ‘exhausting thing’, ‘feeling like a failure’ thing… Wow, was God speaking to me!

Hearing these words encouraged me on this difficult journey of parenting. It reminded me that what I am feeling is normal. It’s the cost associated with such a high calling, the calling to parent these servants of God, my children.

It reminded me that I am not alone. That the feelings I go through as a parent are not isolated to my parenting situation, but parents all over the world… good parents…godly parents, go through these highs and lows.

Reading further, I was reminded of the power in prayer and my partnership with God in raising my children. I’m not at this alone. I have a partnership with God the Perfect Father. My mistakes, my weaknesses, my screw-ups… all are covered by God’s grace and mercy as I attempt to break through barriers.

How encouraging! How uplifting to know that I am not powerless!

And so I quote to you the verse which met me at the beginning of this book,

Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord.

Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children. 

Lamentations 2:19

A ‘nugget’ I picked up from Stormie, was to sit with God and ask Him to show you how to pray for your child for the next 12 months. Then one-by-one, list your child’s name and all the things God places in your heart to pray about.

Need some ideas? Here are some of the items on my list.

  • That they may accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Have a true encounter with God.
  • That they would have a fear of the Lord.
  • That they’d be filled with a passion for God’s word, truth, and prayer.
  • That they would remain pure for the Lord.
  • Keep them from sexual immorality, lust, pornography, lies, and addictions.
  • That they would know their identity in Christ.
  • That they would make wise and godly decisions.
  • Pray for their future spouse.
  • New school year: give them success and favor with the faculty. Divine protection from bullying and harassment. A love for learning understanding that all knowledge and understanding comes from God.
  • Divine protection from sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.
  • Convict them of their sins.
  • Teach me to love _____ the  way you do.
  • Give me wisdom and discernment on how to raise them.
  • Give them courage to stand firm on their beliefs.
  • Give them boldness to stand against the norms of this culture.
  • Give them a passion and enthusiasm for life.
  • Bind the spirits of disobedience, rebellion, strive, contention, division, pride, arrogance, deception.
  • Loosen the spirit of truth, obedience, humility, unity, love, peace, and joy over their lives.
  • Pray about upcoming events.
  • Pray about specific concerns.
  • Pray over sickness and disease.
  • Cause them to walk in their authority and position.
  • Declare they are the head and not the tail.
  • Declare they will be blessed in their coming and going.
  • Declare they will walk in God’s path and be ambassadors for Christ.
  • Declare they will not fight the giants you’ve had to fight.
  • Declare God’s goodness and faithfulness over their lives.

Parents, there is so much to pray for!!!

This is just a small list of what we can pray for our children. Don’t limit yourself to this list. The point is to ask God HOW and WHAT to pray for. God knows what each child will face in the future. He knows what you need to target and pay attention to. He promises to a hear the cries of the righteous (Psalm 34:17). He says that if we abide in Him, we will ask whatever we desire and it will be given to us (John 15:7).

I don’t know about you, but I did my list for the three precious children God has blessed me with… my treasure box… and just seeing these things unfold in front of me based on each individual child’s struggles and personalities gave me hope, encouragement, and great joy. God knows the plans He has for their future… and I am confident that He will guide me and lead me (and my husband) in raising up godly men and women.

So go ahead. Take control. Or better yet, take your God-given authority… There is much power attained from God by a praying parent!!

I am {In Pursuit} of God’s abundance for my life and that includes the future of my children. How about you?!

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

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