{New Season: Action Plan}

Can you believe it’s already getting cold outside in the early morning? When did that change happen? Summer is coming to a close and a busy season awaits us. I don’t want to be caught off guard. I don’t want to have my schedule filled in by others. I don’t want to just exist through these last months of 2012.

Instead, I want to live purposefully. I want to live with a focus on my God-given assignment. I want to live with the understanding that if I’m here, I’m here for a reason. I need an {Action Plan} to help weed out the anxiety and stress of the end of the year.

How Am I Preparing?

Bring Out The Winter Garments

Well, for starters, I already weeded through the closets. Taking inventory of what we have in stock here at the homestead. I’ve already washed, ironed, sorted, and put away our fall/winter wardrobe. That alone, feels like an accomplishment! When it gets colder and we need the warm jacket, I won’t be frantically searching through boxes in the basement. I’ve already prepared. {hmmm, I like that!}

She has no fear of winter for her household because all of them have warm clothes,

(Proverbs 31:21, NLT).

Write Out The Calendar

Next, I have taken out my calendar. I began to write out appointments and events. I want to ‘see’ what the next months look like. Doing so will help me plan accordingly. There are things I choose to do during this season of my life; like finishing school, writing, and learning new things. If I want to do these things, I have to fit them in the schedule. I have to make sure they don’t take the place of the first things… God time, family time, ministry/church time.

Looking at a schedule and setting up ‘appointments’ with my husband and children will make it so that they don’t get shoved out of the schedule. Sounds crazy. But think about it. How many times hasn’t family and marriage been shoved to the side because something else ‘just had to get done’? How many times have you said ‘yes’ to something that you knew very well doesn’t align with your God-given purpose simply to please others. Look at your schedule. Pray about the events and people you choose to fill your schedule with.

I’m not talking about being a slave to a schedule. I’m talking about time management. Because in the end, we will be accountable to God on how we spent our time here on earth. Looking at your calendar, you will quickly be able to see what your priorities are.

Note this: If you don’t fill in your calendar with what’s important to you, you will find many people willing to fill it up for you.

Start Dreaming About The Holidays

I know, I know. You haven’t even gotten over the first-week-of-school-blues and I’m already talking about the holidays. But wait. Bear with me a moment. What if you began to dream about what this holiday season would look like. What if you wanted to volunteer at a local soup kitchen to help serve Thanksgiving and Christmas meals? What if you would love to teach your children how to think about others by doing random acts of service/kindness? What if you wanted to pick give out Christmas cards and a small gift for some of the widows in church showing them they are loved and cared about? What if you’d like to help a family in need by purchasing them a Christmas meal or gifts?

Sounds great eh? But not so great to implement when you’re thick in the middle of the hectic holiday season. Sitting down and thinking about how you want the rest of the year to go can help you to better prepare.

I’ve tried to work through a Christmas time family devotional countdown for the past 3 years. It’s never happened. I never make it in time for the countdown and then I give up and well, truth be told… I try to figure out how I’m going to make things meaningful once December is already here.

Not this year. I’m starting to dream of what I want for our family. And then my husband and I will make it happen. I want this end of the year to be focused on serving/ loving others. I know it’s important to God and so it must be important to me also. I just have to stop and prepare.

Some things to think about:

  • Holiday traditions?
  • Holiday/End of Year Budget?
  • Start writing down your holiday gift list (names).
  • Family Fun Ideas for the new season.
  • How can you serve your church?
  • How can I make things meaningful and worth remembering?
  • How can I lift Jesus up this season?

Trying New Things

Lastly, I want to try some new things.

  • Don’t laugh, but I want to bake a loaf of bread. Why waste time when I can go to my local grocery store and buy a loaf? Well, simply put, because I want to! I have all the ingredients. Now I just need to get moving…
  • I also want to sew something. Anything! My husband got me a sewing machine over 6 years ago and all I’ve ever made is 4 pillows. And those were made when I first got the machine. So, really, I think it’s time to build some new skills.
  • I want to finally create something using my InDesign tools… so not ready for this one!!
  • Keep writing.

There you have it folks. This is what preparation for the next quarter looks like…. at least part of it (what I could fit in this post).

So how about you? How does your {Action Plan} look? I’d love to hear from you.


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