{A Love Letter, For Me…}

Sometimes driving around to and from appointments, church, visits, the park…sometimes, these are the only times when I have no option but to sit still.

I breathe.

Then it all flies by. Images and little bits of life going on outside of the car, all breezing by.

Streets lined with children playing. A couple sitting on their patio, not really talking, just sitting. The homeless man standing at the corner with his sign. He looks much older. A man, walking out of the liquor store with a bag filled with ‘goods’. A teenage boy and girl, kissing…you could tell their young, about the age of your own boys. A mommy walking with three young ones trailing behind her.

And in a world which can lose its color (if you allow it to), I sit there with my own questions and concerns. I can’t really get up and move. I sit. I can’t go out and make things happen. I sit.

And deep in the reservoir of my heart, I know there is a world in need and I, well, I’ve been chosen to stand in the gap. But I’m tired.

Perhaps, it has something to do with this sickness I haven’t been able to shake off in a week. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that I need rest.

But something tells me that it goes deeper than a week-long cold.

And driving along, right there, painted in the sky was a message for me. A reminder that He loves me. That His grace is sufficient. That when I am weak, He is strong. Color shines brightly, and love literally fills the air… the skies in fact!!!

A love letter, especially for me…

I find strength in knowing I am loved unconditionally and totally. I find security, hope, and total rest KNOWING that the Creator of the universe loves me.

And deep within the reservoir of my heart, I say, ‘I love you too Lord. And as long as you love me (all the way into eternity {smile}) I will do what you’ve called me to do!!’


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