{Storage System: Find What You Need, When You Need It}


It has been a little quiet around here this week. Not because I forgot about you. Not because I didn’t have anything to share, but because I am having WiFi issues. Let me just say, it has not been fun!!

But today, I’m glad to be back with a really awesome organization challenge I took up while having zero access to the internet. I picked up a book the other day because the subtitle caught my attention, “Establishing Efficient Home Management” (and for $2, it was quite a steal).

In her book, Survival For Busy Women, Emilie Barnes gives an organization idea which sounded good on paper but difficult to implement. The basic concept is to take boxes, preferably white ones, and number them from 1-12 (or 24).  Each box is numbered and you keep a corresponding (numbered) index card for each box in a central location. When you need an item, you simply check your index cards and quickly locate the item needed.

An example of this would be: Storage 14: Winter Gear…..Gloves, Scarves, and Hats. If you need to find a winter scarf, you would take out your index cards and see that Winter Gear is in box 14. Within minutes, you would be able to locate your favorite winter scarf.

So How Did This Look For Me?

Alright, so how did I implement it? For starters, I wasn’t going to spend any extra money. I searched around the house to see what I could use. t had some bins and 2 small filing cabinets which were not being used to their full capacity.  I dragged them downstairs and emptied them all out.

Sort like items. 

 Sit down with a trash bag. Preferably three (KEEP, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY). This part is the hardest and it does take some time, put it will make everything else go by so much more smoothly. If you’ve had an item for 6 months to a year and you haven’t looked at it once, then perhaps it’s time to get rid of it. I don’t have a picture for this part. But let me just say… sometimes you need to make a mess in order to straighten things up. 

Find a home for your items.

After sorting through my items, I picked a location for them and put my items away as neatly as possible. Make sure you’ve assigned each box a number and then list your items on your index cards as you go. I knew I wanted to type these out so I simply used Post-Its, attached one to each box, and jotted items on them as I went along.


When I was finished, I knew I wanted to put these under the {Re-Purposed Daybed}, but I wasn’t loving the blue color. I had grown fond of the way the wicker baskets looked under this. After some thinking, I took out some scrapbook paper, found a print that matched… I had a plan!

Items Needed

I took out my laminator, laminating sheets, scrapbooking pages, paper cutter, velcro dots and printed pages.


Print out lists and numbers.

I used Microsoft Publisher to create my Storage Box Lists (remember my Post-Its? I simply transferred the information over to my computer) and then I printed them off, along with some numbers. Simple.

 Cut out the cards.

Cut scrapbook pages to desired size, add your number, then laminate. Love my pretty scrapbook paper!

Velcro Dots

I used my velcro dots to attach my new storage box numbers. That way it’s not permanent. I can change them around as needed.

Now the blue boxes don’t stand out as much. The scrapbook paper colors match beautifully with my sunroom. Love it!


Here I am standing on a small chair to try and fit the Day Bed in the picture and someone jumped in. She’s happy with the results too!

So how about you? How do you store and organize? I would love to hear from you!!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by Homeschool Super Heroes.

    WOW! You’ve gotten a lot done. I love your repurposed day-bed. I need another sorting day of (KEEP, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY).


    • Hi Kerry, thanks for stopping by {In Pursuit}!
      I am slowly going around the home, with this whole KEEP, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY, concept and let me tell you, the simple act of sorting through the things you do not need and getting rid of them brings so much peace. I love it!

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