{The Masterpiece}

The water is all muddy, the brushes all dirty. And I watch.

It’s a cheap, one dollar bird house. Yet to her it’s a blank canvas.

She’s so intent on making a masterpiece. I try to show her how to get the paint on the right way, yet she looks at me with determined eyes, ‘I know mommy. I know.’

She knows.

She doesn’t yet know how to mix colors, but she’s determined. She has a vision and she is so sure of what this little bird house will look like even before the colors starts to mix into each other.

The palette of paint colors is laid out before her. She doesn’t even stop. She keeps putting the color on with total assurance.

And when her vision unfolds before her, she admires it. Puts the paint brushes down. Her work is finished. She knows it.

Her masterpiece mirrors my own life. Muddy waters. Beautiful colors. God’s canvas.

And I pray, “Lord, teach me to operate like that. Bold. With preciseness. With vision.


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  1. Loooooove it! The looks on her face…wow!

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