{Our Homeschooling Journey}

As you may have read here on {In Pursuit}, one of the major changes in our home has been the decision to homeschool. Although, not everybody is interested in this way of educating their children, it’s a part of our journey so I thought I’d share.

faith{Academy} (that’s what we’ve named our ‘school’) has been a dream come true. Although we never imagined how home educating or homeschooling would transform us as a family, we made the leap with a full understanding that it would require sacrifice.

Initially, we started out with Preschool. We figured that would give us about a year and a half to determine if we could handle homeschooling. Plus, how bad could I mess up letters, numbers, shapes, and colors… I had it under control {smile}…. And if it didn’t work out, we’d be in time to register our daughter for Kindergarten. Great plan, eh?

Until the first couple of months passed.


I realized that homeschooling was changing me, as a person and as a mother. I realized that God was pulling out of me things that could easily get in the way. I’ve seen God stretch us in ways we never imagined. So let me just say, that although we were quite successful in teaching colors, numbers, letters, and shapes… many times throughout the last year and a half, we found ourselves on our knees.

Homeschooling has strengthened the bonds in our family. It has taught us, even more so, that we need Jesus! It has provided us with a 24 hour, round-the-clock glimpse, into the hearts of our children. We have been able to discern characters and issues quickly and we’ve had the opportunity to deal with them right on the spot.

We’ve experienced the blessings of teaching our children something new and knowing that we were the one who provided this amazing gift of learning. Instead of a teacher in a public school experiencing the joys of those, ‘oh, I understand’ moments, we have first row seats. I can’t tell you just how much joy that brings to our every day.

We have watched closely as God leads us in particular directions with each child. He knows them best. He knows exactly what they need. We’ve seen a morning devotional turn into an amazing time of learning about God and His plan for our lives. We’ve seen a simple song turn into morning worship. And we’ve seen the abundant provision of God for our journey… It has been amazing.

Our hope is to continue homeschooling all the way thru 12th grade, unless the Lord decides otherwise. As He leads us and provides for us, we will continue on this most amazing journey of learning.

So, if you’re interested in homeschooling, if you have any questions you’d like me to answer, feel free to comment below or email me. I would love to share with you some more. I can even lead you to some information packed sites.

To see more of our day-to-day activities, to get ideas, and free printables, stop on by



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  1. That was a great post. I have a three year old that I plan to homeschool and am trying out these early years to see if I can get it together! Did you use any formal curriculum for preschool? What do you know or think of a Classical education? A homeschool friend recommended I have my son listen to song school Latin and geography songs. I’m not sure if I’m going off track by incorporating those types of things or not. I wonder if I should stay focused on the basics for now? I appreciate all insight and opinions as I try to figure everything out. Thanks so much, Tammy

    On Thursday, August 16, 2012, In Pursuit wrote: > Darlene Collazo posted: “As you may have read here on {In Pursuit}, one of the major changes in our home has been the decision to homeschool. Although, not everybody is interested in this way of educating their children, its a part of our journey so I thought Id share. fait” >

    • Hi Tammy,for my preschooler, we worked through the Bright Start Workbook I found for about $4.00. Along with Carisa’s Preschool Curriculum. Check out my homeschool site to get links. I’m still working through what I like (Classical, Charlotte Mason, etc.) However, I think I’m leaning towards Charlotte Mason. At this age, I would say, see how your child reacts to learning. What makes them laugh, smile, oooh and aaah… At three years of age, make it fun. Play games to teach them their numbers and letters… Again, I have some ideas on my homeschool site..—> http://www.collazofamilyjournal.wordpress.com
      Hope this helps.

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