{Check Your Toolbox}

I shared this verse with you last week, I can’t get away from it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been praying for wisdom and God given strategies. Perhaps it’s because there are answers available to me… if I just stop to think.

Psalm 119, 59

And so, I’m on a mission. I’ve asked God to bring back to mind every single tool and strategy He’s already given me. Whether it be that I sincerely forgot, that laziness and procrastination stepped in, or that busyness got the best of me, if He’s already given me direction, I want to make sure I’m applying it.


Some of the things I can rattle off from the top of my mind are:

{Morning Dates} I need my morning dates. How else can I make it through the day with enough energy, strength, and motivation?! God is my source and not taking the time to seek direction each morning leaves me frustrated and drained. I can’t afford to miss my morning dates.

{Marriage} Be here now. Pray for my husband. Encourage him. Have fun with him… and yes ladies… {intimate} time is a must! Enough said.

{Children} Teach them the fear of the Lord by instructing them in God’s word daily. It’s not easy. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like they’re learning a thing. Don’t tire in {Fighting For Your Kids}. We must be intentional, purposeful, and fearless. And fun, schedule in those fun times. Make memories. Again, be here now.

{Ministry} Love. Care. Trust. Encourage. People are waiting to be touched by you!

{Meal Planning} I definitely can figure out how to {Plan Breakfast For A Month} (just the basics). But I haven’t gotten into a routine of Meal Planning. We’ve dramatically cut down on eating out. And I can happily (and truthfully) say that most of our meals are eaten around the dinner table. However, my goal is to get it together with a weekly meal plan. I have too much to do. I don’t have time to worry about what’s going to be cooking for dinner. A meal plan will help me to save time, money, and resources.

{Cleaning Schedule} I can’t stress enough how keeping a cleaning schedule has made such a huge difference in our home. {Homemaking Is Part Of God’s Design}. Let’s face it, God created wives to be “keepers at home” (Titus 2:5). It’s part of the package. It’s part of our calling. A cleaning (and laundry) schedule helps me to do this more effectively and efficiently.

{Time} How have you spent it? Get rid of the mental clutter with the {Family Binder} and {Daily Planner}. Know that time is a gift and how you spend it has eternal value.


Alright, so there you have it…

This is just a little bit of what God has downloaded into my spirit in the last year. And let me just add, these small, practical steps have caused a huge turnaround in our family. They truly do make a difference.

And so, I think about my steps. I think about where I am succeeding or lacking in each of these categories. And I continue to pray…

remind me Lord, remind me of all the ways you’ve already directed me… that I may, in wisdom, apply your direction.

How about you? Has God already given you directions you’ve failed to apply? Has He already given you answers but you’ve followed through halfway? Perhaps it’s time for you too, to ponder the direction of your life.

Check your toolbox. I’m sure you already have many of the tools necessary for your own journey.

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