{He Turned My Mourning Into Dancing!}

Turned my mourning into dancingOh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! It’s only 8:45 am and I’m already excited about what God is doing.

Yes, I know it’s Monday.

Yes, I’m sure many are not fond of my up-and-up attitude. But you know, with all due respect…

I don’t care.

How could I? How could I make excuses for what God is doing in my life? How can I apologize for what God is doing in the church?

I can’t!

How foolish of me to try to hide the light of Christ as it shines forth brightly and victoriously.

How foolish of me to try to quiet my spirit which is bursting with praise and thanksgiving. My friend, I thought I was going to write to you this morning about doing a mid-year evaluation (because I just love doing those), but sitting here in front of my laptop, my heart rejoices and all I can think is-

The heck with the evaluation. This moment, this Monday, this morning calls for a celebration. It calls for a PRAISE BREAK!!!!

See God is good, and He is good over my life.

And if you still have not seen the goodness of the Lord in your own life, then I challenge you to look to the One who holds your present, your future, your destiny, your legacy, and your eternity, in His hands. I encourage you to take a look at your life and ponder the direction of your life. Ponder where your feet are taking you. And my friend, if you are lacking God’s peace and His joy…turn back.

Turn your feet, your walk, your life to the word of God.

It wasn’t always like this for me. I ended up at a Psychologists office in my early 20’s and she recommended me to see a specialist, a Psychiatrist, to get treatment. According to her, I had 9 out of the 10 symptoms of chronic depression. I walked out of that office with a prescription in hand and a diagnosis that would label me for years to come.

I know what depression looks and feels like. I know the loneliness and despair that comes from the pit of darkness which threatens to choke the life out of you. I know. I’ve been there.

But God…

But God…

But God…

He took the broken pieces of my life {you can read my story –here-} and He is creating a beautiful tapestry of love and grace.

Ten years ago, I had no hope. I had no answers. I had no vision for a future.

Ten years ago I had a Severe Depression diagnosis and a prescription in hand.

Ten years ago, I walked into my apartment, walked to the garbage can, and threw the prescription away.

I knew I needed Jesus. I knew He held my answers. I knew He held my healing.

And so, my friend, this Monday. I rejoice. I delight myself in God because He truly is worthy of all my praise. He has extended the gift of salvation to me and in 2003, I accepted the invitation. My life has never been the same. Jesus Christ, the hope for my glory, made all things anew!

He turned my mourning, my wailing, into dancing!

Do you know Jesus?

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