{Create A Photo/Gallery Wall}

I love, love, (and did I say?)….love Photo/Gallery Walls. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, a little bit of patience, and a free afternoon.

The possibilities are endless!!

And so, on one of those uneventful afternoons, I got tired of looking at my empty wall. I guess you would be tired too if you were looking at an empty wall for 6 years. I couldn’t help it. Filling the space was so scary for me.

It’s a big space and I have plaster walls so the thought of putting holes in it without a real plan was intimidating.

But anyway, on that uneventful-I’m-so-tired-of-staring-at-this-empty-space afternoon, I took a leap of faith. I ventured off to create my own Photo/Gallery Wall in our dining room. There was only one challenge.

I was not allowed to buy (absolutely) anything new. My Gallery Wall had to be created with items already owned.

Off I went into all the rooms. I love this kind of shopping. No wallet needed. No long lines. No tracking receipts. And no regrets of money not well spent.

I needed a focal point to use as my guide. I found our Monogrammed Print {you can get your own personalized print –here-} and I knew this piece would work great. Except I had it mounted on an 11X14” frame which would be much too small. Down to the basement I went and found this never-before-used frame, 19×23”. Oh yeah!!!! SCORE!!!

Love it!



Here’s a closer look….



I snatched this lovely ‘C’ from our fireplace. And yes, I love it too!!!


Another great snatch from my Living Room-  Our family verse. A lovely gift from my sister given to us at our housewarming party after the fire. Yes! Yes! Yes! Love this one as well!


Found some more frames boxed in the basement and wallah…Instant Gallery Wall!



Okay. Okay. Maybe not so instant. But with a hammer, some nails, and a little bit of creativity, you too, can create a personalized Wall Gallery. Here’s how.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

1.) Find pieces you love.

2.) Use wall tape to create a layout. Or lay it out on the floor until you get a layout that works for you (Skipping this step is not advised. You will end up with holes everywhere if you do.) I changed my layout at least 5 times before I found one that I liked.

3.) Begin in the center of your wall with your center piece to avoid a crooked layout.

4.) Don’t be afraid to mix and match frame colors, styles, and wood grains. It’s your gallery. Frames do not have to match… (unless of course you want them to {smile})… again, it’s your gallery!

5.) Pound that hammer. Put up another piece. Repeat until desired layout is complete.

6.) Stand back. Admire.

7.) Do a little happy dance. And enjoy! You, my friend, have just created an inexpensive and totally awesome Wall Gallery!!!



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