{And The Winner Is…}


preschool giveaway

This year, as part of the Homeschool Creations,  Curriculum Clean-Out, I was giving away a Preschool Learning CD filled with over 300 pages of Preschool Learning. I had such a great time blog-hopping and getting to know so many new readers.

Hmm… Perhaps I should clean out my Curriculum drawer more often…. {SMILE}.

And so, without further delay, as I know  many of you are anxious to find out our results, the winner of our Giveaway is:

Result: 14, Amy

(from Why Amy Smiles)

A big thank you to all participants for making this Giveaway a fun one! I look forward to dialoguing with you all as we continue {In Pursuit} of God’s abundance for our lives!

*Random.org was used to select winner of our Giveaway


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  1. Thank you, Darlene! I can’t wait to use the preschool CD. My little one is raring to go, so I guess I’d better get ready, too! I’m happy to have been introduced to your blog as well. Thanks again!

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