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If you’ve visited {In Pursuit}, you already know that we are on a homeschooling journey. You can read more on that {here}.

This year, as part of the Homeschool Creations,  Curriculum Clean-Out

Curriculum Clean Out Button 2 copy

I am giving away a Preschool Learning Book CD.

How does it work?

Moms are cleaning out their new/used curriculum then posting their Giveaways and linking them up to Homeschool Creation’s big linky party! Don’t need a Preschool School CD? Check out all the other giveaways going on over there.

{Preschool Learning}

We used this book for our Preschool year and my daughter loved it! The pages are easy, fun, and very colorful.

This Giveaway is for the Preschool Learning CD filled with over printable pages. Print all of it or pick and choose. Either way, I’m sure your Preschooler will love this!





Want to win?

Simply enter by subscribing with your email to this blog on the right hand side. Then leave me a comment letting me know you did!

That’s it. It’s absolutely FREE. No purchase necessary.

Giveaway closes Saturday, August 4th (Winner to be announced on Monday).

Join us on our homeschooling journey at {faithACADEMY} School Days.



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  2. Heather Judy Perkins

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  3. I just subscribed! Thanks for the offer!

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  5. Great idea. I’m following.

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  7. I’m following… this would be great for my boys. Thank you.

  8. Our kids love mazes and colorful workbooks.

  9. liked, pinned,follow,email…. cute blog. crossin fingers onthe giveaway. thanks!

  10. Subscribed! Thank you

  11. I subscribed! This looks like a great resource for the year!

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  13. Ladies welcome to {In Pursuit}! Thank you for your interest in our Preschool Giveaway. This CD is fantastic! I am actually now starting the Kindergarten one with my daughter. So who knows, perhaps I will add it to the next Curriculum CleanOUT 😉

  14. This looks adorable! 🙂

  15. I subscribed. This is so great! My daughter would love it!!!

  16. I subscribed via email! mruble38@gmail.com

  17. I am following your blog!

  18. Subscribed! I’d love to win this and look forward to getting your blog updates! 🙂

  19. This looks like a great resources. I signed up for your blog!

  20. I am now subscribed to your email! So glad I found you! 🙂

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