{Bible Reading Plan: How’s It Going?}

imageEarlier this year, I shared with you my goal of reading through the Bible this year. Not to mark this off my checklist, but instead to ensure consistency and growth in the Word of God. Although I love reading the Bible, some days, I felt overwhelmed by the choices of scripture available to read.

Working on a Bible Reading Plan has made it so that I don’t have to second guess where to read each day. And it’s flexible enough that if God takes me somewhere else, I could just go there and pick up with my Reading Plan later. The goal here is to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Who knows, better than Him, what word you will need for that particular day?

I cannot stress enough just how awesome this goal has been thus far. It has put in me a passion to read the Bible. I find myself picking it up at different times of the day because I know I have a goal, to seek Him! And you know, God always meets me in those pages.

{Getting Stuck?}

Although I’ve read through many of the books in the Bible before, I’ve never been successful in reading through the entire Bible consecutively. Why? Well, because books like Exodus felt like I was reading the same old thing. And books like Numbers and Judges bored me. I’m wasn’t too fond of the genealogy chapters.

So in the past, I would always get stuck and give up. Sound familiar?

{Read With A New Perspective}

You’ve got to read through the Bible with a new perspective. If you expect to be bored, then you will be bored. However, if your desire is to know God, understand His will, and understand His will for your life, then I promise you, you will learn something new and exciting even in all those genealogy lists.

I found that the chapters which I dreaded the most, have been the chapters which have spoken to me the most.

Take the book of Leviticus, for example. The theme that kept popping up over and over, was holiness. God held strict requirements for the people of Israel. There were very high standards for leaders, priests, and Levites. Over and over again, I saw that God is holy and we are called to live holy lives.

Did I already know that? Yes.

But reading through the stories, requirements, and practices established by God, reminded and solidified, again, a desire to live a righteous and holy life before my God. It also birthed in me a new sense of thanksgiving for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. It was that sacrifice which broke the veil of the temple, covering me in righteousness, and  allowing me total access to God.

Change your perspective!!!

Or how about the book of Judges? It’s a historic book which details for us the judges established in Israel after Joshua’s death. How interesting to note the pattern in the lives of the Israelites. Sin and rebellion –> godly judge would rise up, they repented –> he/she died, sin and rebellion reoccurred –> godly judge would rise up, they repented –> he/she died, sin and rebellion reoccurred –> and the cycle continued.

How amazing to see the impact made on a nation when a godly man or woman rise up and set a holy standard. Don’t underestimate your influence!

See? I get excited all over, almost started preaching… {smile}

{Focus. You Can Do It}

Okay, so you’ve gotten off track. That’s okay. You can start again today. And maybe you don’t think you’ll finish by the end of 2012. That’s alright. Just start today and give yourself a year from now to finish. The point is not to finish by December 2012. The point is to become disciplined in reading the Word of God daily.

Don’t give up now. You can do it!

Forgot where to start? Read these earlier posts…

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{I’ve Gotten This Far… How About You?}

We’re halfway through the year and I want to cheer you on, no matter where you’re at.

I’ve been able to get through:

Genesis Exodus Leviticus
Numbers Deuteronomy Judges
Job Psalm Proverbs
Matthew Mark Luke
John Acts Romans
Philippians Ephesians 1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians    

Still got a ways to go. But I’m determined!

How about you? How’s it going?


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