{Preparing For An Emergency: How To Stay Afloat In Deep Waters}

Preparing For An Emergency

Good morning, ya’ll!!! I’m so glad you stopped by today. Why? Because I wanted to share with you just how important it is to live an organized life. I’m not talking about being a slave to organization, where you waste all your energy and strength on cleaning and organizing.

I’m talking about being able to go through an emergency situation without being thrown off because you already had a plan. I’m talking about preparing for an emergency so that you can stay afloat in deep waters.

{The Wrong Way To Do Things}

Wait until the emergency comes up. Okay, so right now you are not experiencing an emergency. Why waste time putting order in your home?

Nothing’s ever going to happen to me anyway, so I’ll just cross that bridge, IF I ever get there.’

Procrastinate.I want an emergency action plan for my family so let me put that down on my To-Do List. Yep. I’m going to make sure my family is taken care of in the event of an emergency… Tomorrow. I’ll get to it, tomorrow.’

Leave it up to someone else.I know we need an emergency plan, but so-and-so can take care of it. I’ve got too much on my mind to add something else. Yeah, {____insert name here____} can deal with it.’

{Preparing For An Emergency: How To Stay Afloat In Deep Waters}

Create a weekly routine. That’s right. If your week goes by and you have no clue when you’re going to clean, do laundry, go food shopping, or prepare meals, then my friend, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Having a weekly routine for managing your home will not only bring you peace of mind, but it will also prepare you in the event of an emergency.

Have paperwork in order. When an emergency comes up, the last thing you want to do is run around the house searching for important documents. Create a filing system that will work for you when you most need it!

You, take charge. If no one else has implemented a plan, you do it. Start by looking for the areas you need change in. Then dive into it, a chunk at a time. Leaving things to someone else to take care of is not only foolish, but lazy. So get  your pencil out. Start attacking the problem spots in your home life, one area at a time.

Have a place for everything. Okay so you have a weekly routine and you created a filing system for your important paperwork, GREAT JOB! Now, let’s take time to find a place for everything.

Example: You just washed clothes. Immediately put them away in the closet and drawers. When, and if an emergency comes up, you won’t be stressed out, running around, looking for pajamas and clean underwear for the kiddos.

Pray. Pray. Pray. The number one, most important way of preparation is to live a life of prayer. Regardless of the order you have in your home, without prayer, you will lack the clarity needed to get through the emergency or difficult situation you encounter. Prayer increases our faith in God, who is able to get us through whatever difficulty we must endure. I cannot stress it enough, prayer is key.

As you pray, ask the Lord to show you what areas in your own home need to be put in order. I guarantee you, He will show you!

{Lesson Learned}

In 2010, we had a house fire. Let me just say, I WAS NOT PREPARED.

Once the firemen put out my fire, I ran upstairs and was filled with a mixture of grief and embarrassment. I could not see beyond the mess I had. The black soot on everything made it all look dramatically worse. All I could think was, ‘oh my goodness, look at this mess’.

I struggled to find my Home Owner’s Insurance documents, license, social security cards,  and all my other important paperwork. It was a nightmare!

I had just dealt with a huge house fire, and there I was, stressed out about the stuff that should’ve been taken care of.

Flash-forward to two week ago. As I shared with you last week, my son was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. Now that we are back home, I am thankful I was better prepared for this emergency. My weekly routine ensured that the house was in order. Most of the laundry was already washed. My paperwork was exactly where I had filed it.

I wasn’t stressed out and I didn’t feel chaotic. Instead I was able to focus on the problem at hand. I was able to devote my time to my son and his well being.

{Always Room For Improvement}

While going through those two different scenarios in my life, the fire and the admittance to the hospital, I found that there are still areas for improvement.

All I could think was, “Lord, help me to manage my home and make it a place filled with peace and love.”

Again, it’s not about being bound to a schedule or cleaning regimen. Some go to the other extreme making themselves busy, busy, busy. I’m talking about order. I’m talking about serving those you’ve been entrusted with by providing a safe haven. Think of it as a floating device to help you stay afloat the deep waters.

Living a lifestyle with that in mind, will help us to organize ourselves in such a way that emergencies won’t throw us off the deep end. Preparing for an emergency or unforeseen situation will help us stay afloat in deep waters.

Alright, I have my pencil and paper in hand. I’m jotting down the areas that still need tweaking. How about you? How are you preparing for those unexpected moments? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. This is the first time I have been to your wonderful blog, and I’m enjoying my visit. I will be impulsive here and ask you to consider linking up to our “EOA’ Wednesday link-up party to share this with other readers. It is just the kind of encouragement I’m desiring to share there 🙂
    Many blessings!

    • Hi Jacqueline. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop here on {In Pursuit}. I appreciate your kind words and I look forward to linking in on Link Up Wednesdays 😉 Thanks for the invite!

  2. AlainaFrederick

    Is it sad that I have never given much thought to preparing for a emergency. I mean we have fire extinguishers and I’ve talked to the kids about if there was every a fire where to meet outside but we’ve never practiced. I’ve never worried about all our documents or anything like that – or what if something happens like in India and we are without power for days or weeks. I never have cash on hand, our cars get below half full and I’m horrible at keeping the house stocked with food.

    • Alaina, I hear you! I didn’t get a wake up call until the fire in 2010. And even still, I find that there are things that still need to get done. So let’s do it together. Start jotting some of those things you mentioned here and I’ll do the same. Then let’s start eliminating them from our To-Do list, one at a time. Soon enough, we will have our emergency plan totally in place…
      Like I said in the post, after being in the hospital with my son for 2 weeks, I found that I was better prepared, but there are still areas for improvement. Keep me posted on your progress. You can do this! 🙂

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