{Lord, You Amaze Me!}

Today is Day 13 of our hospital stay. I cannot even begin to tell you all the beautiful experiences we’ve had, even during this exhausting time. We have seen God show up.

One day while my son and I were talking, a custodian was sweeping outside of our room and it just so happens we had our door open. When we looked out the door, he was singing worship music… A reminder to keep praising in the midst of the storm.

On our way down here in the ambulance, they had worship music playing on the radio. My son asked if they could turn the music up and the Emergency Technician looked at him with a surprised look. He asked my son, “You like this kind of music?” To which my son answered, “Yes.” He asked, “Are you Christian?” and we told him we were.  We spent the entire hour and a half talking about God, about church, and he took some time to talk to my son about serving God, about faith, about putting God first, and more.

And I, well, I sat there thinking, ‘Lord, you amaze me! You truly do!’

The next day, my son was having some problems with his IV, so they called up an IV specialist.

The lady begins to talk and she said something like, ‘everything will be alright, you just have to have faith’.

Jay and I both responded with a smile in unison, “we know!” And she asked, “Are you Christian?” We told her we were.

And she responded, “I knew there was something different about you. When I looked at you, there’s this peace about you.”.

Another day, I went down to the cafeteria to find something to eat but after 12 days here, everything looks un-appealing. I walked out of the cafeteria and saw the chapel. While sitting in the chapel, a man went in to pray. On the way out, he asked me if I was Christian. That turned into several minutes of conversation where I was able to minister to this hurting soul and pray for him and his daughter. Again, I thought, “Lord, you are amazing.”

And last night, while laying in the hospital cot next to my son’s bed, he begins to speak.

“It’s amazing how much support 3rd Day (out local church) has given me. You don’t even realize how much people care about you until you go through something. And it was so nice of the youth to come see me, it really meant a lot to me… and Miriam F., I can’t believe she brought us food. Every one has shown so much support to me!”

My son is understanding the importance of fellowship in the body of Christ.

Yet again, I thought, “Lord, you are amazing.”

I encourage you today, regardless of the situation you’re going through, God can and will amaze you if you take time to notice all that is happening around you. He is present in your time of need. And His grace is most definitely sufficient.

Open your heart and your eyes and allow Him to amaze you in ways only He knows how to!!

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