{Just Me and My Android}

Currently, I am coming to you from my friend, Android. Isn’t it funny how a dead battery or a non-working charger leaves you at the mercy of your mobile device.

We are that kind of culture. We are that kind of society.

But as I sit here waiting for another test…(see yesterday’s post, I can’t even link it)…I realize that all the “important” things take a back seat to the “real” things in front of me.

And you know, the world continues moving. Things are not falling apart without my overseeing them. Funny eh? God is able to hold things up quite well without me jumping in to fix it all.

And my handy dandy Apple, with its super abilities to connect me anywhere in the world. What a massive weapon at my fingertips…only not so powerful without a charge. Quite useless even.

So its me and my Android. Connecting to the world on a 5×2 screen just isn’t any fun.

‘Okay, Lord. I will rest.’


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