{First Day Of Kindergarten}

My homeschool journey has officially begun. Our story began about 2 years ago. You can read a bit more about that {here}. We told ourselves we would do a test run with Preschool. I mean really- how bad could I mess up letters, numbers, colors, and shapes?!

Well one and a half years later, I have had the experience of my life!!

We made the decision and we are jumping full swing into Kindergarten. Here’s a little glimpse into our first day of school.


Yes, we named our school… more on that another time.

First day of school picture. Everyone needs one of these. Even homeschoolers, yes indeed!



And who says a homeschooler doesn’t need a fabulous backpack?! How else will we carry all the amazing things we find on our nature adventures? Yes, Miss Violet comes along on all our adventures… see her peeking out of the backpack?


Devotional time. She likes to color while I read her the story.


New Workboxes!! Yay!

Check out our old Workbox (Workbags) system {here}. More about these fabulous workboxes in the near future…



Of course, no celebration is complete without Daddy’s cake! He made it especially for ‘Lem’. She loved it!


There you have it folks. Our celebration day! Kindergarten, here we come!!!


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