Repurposed Crib: Daybed/ Sitting Area}

The Sunroom is one of my favorite rooms in my home. The only problem is that since our house fire  a year and a half ago, we have not been able to fully enjoy it. Our old wicker set was damaged by soot making it impossible to clean.

Recently my sister sent me a picture of a repurposed crib turned desk. If you have little ones and have the space, it’s worth a look, click {here}.

I was instantly inspired!!!

{Enter in my beautiful crib}

This was gifted to us when our daughter was born. They told us, pick any crib and it’s yours…How awesome is that?! Talk about God’s provision!!!

We chose the Heirloom Convertible Crib from JC Penny which converts to a toddler bed, then to a full sized bed. So worth the money!

This beauty has been sitting all wrapped up in our basement since our house fire.

Time to get creative.

{How did we do it?}

We bought some rubber foam (the kind you’d buy when reupholstering a chair). This can get expensive. The piece we needed would cost us almost $80 at Joanne’s Fabrics. We went to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and found a piece big enough for our project for about $35, now that’s a bargain!

(…and we had some rubber foam left over for future use {yay!})

We simply covered the foam with one of the old mattress covers we had, and laid it on top of the mattress spring. It holds my daughter and I fine. However, if you plan on doing something like this to seat more than a person, I recommend reinforcing the mattress spring.

Sitting area: CHECK!


These lovely pillows were also found at Ollie’s. Love those buttons!

They still had the tag on them from Kohl’s Department Store. Original price $39.99 each.

I paid, $6.99 each. SCORE!!!



And of course my baskets. I had these already. So the cost for under-the-daybed storage: FREE!

Storage Area: CHECK!!


My daughter loved it and I must admit, so do I!! This project was so much fun and it made me realize just how much I can do with very little spending. Can’t wait for my next repurposing project!!

So there you have it folks. My weekend project finished early {smile!}.

Linking up to Homemakers Challenge today.

How about you? Have you taken something old and repurposed it into something delightful? If so, I want to hear from you!


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