{Treasure Hunt In Your Back Yard}

Okay, so Summer is officially here, can I get a WOOT-WOOT?!!!

I love Summer time. There’s something about bright blue skies and longer evenings that makes me breathe in deeply and smile! Ice-cream trucks, bathing suits, evening walks, fun in the sun… all of it brings me much joy.

But what do we do with the inevitable “I’m Booooooooooooooooooooored!” from our kids?

How about a treasure hunt?! Younger kids will love looking for treasure right in their backyard (or neighborhood). Here is a FREE and instant family fun time idea.

{A Million Uses For An Egg Crate}

Here’s one. A treasure chest.



Wash out an egg crate and let it dry. Then paint each slot a different color.



The point of the treasure hunt is for your child to find something of each color and fill the try. So for example, a yellow flower would go in the yellow slot. A black rock, would go in the black slot. Here she’s picking a purple flower for the purple slot.



She was having so much fun on our treasure hunt finding so many things that didn’t fit in the egg crate.. She got a little distracted {smile).








And that’s when my son took over the Treasure Hunt…



This was a lot of fun. Not only does it help them discover and look closer at things they normally ignore, but it also helps younger kids with color recognition and sorting. Again, FREE and instant.

So how about you? How do you get through the {Boredom Blues}?


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