{My Heart Overflows With Joy!}

imageBoy am I excited to see all that God is doing. I cannot stress enough just how much joy and peace comes as a result of moving to the side and saying, “Lord, You reign!”

I don’t know about you, but I am choosing to walk in the fullness of Christ. I am choosing to live for Christ. Not just part of me. Not just the areas of my life that I’m comfortable with Jesus taking over…. you know, like my salvation.

I am choosing to live for Christ in every area of my life…That when He comes back for His church, I will be ready and in expectancy. I want to live today with eternity in mind. I want to make my decisions today with the understanding that I am sowing on earth and I will one day reap eternal treasures. I want to live a life that acknowledges the sovereignty and lordship of Jesus Christ in all my actions and decisions.

I want to live a life which daily reaffirms my loyalty to my God!

And that, my friends, is exciting. That fills me with life and joy unspeakable. That gives me the courage to face whatever situation may come. Because I know He has my back!!! My heart overflows with joy!

So in love with Christ,



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