{I Take Out The GRACE Card}

Most days I try to get my posts done at least one day early. Other days I work on them after my devotional time and before the kids wake up. Then there are days like today when my body needed rest.

Can you believe I feel guilty for staying in bed past 6 am. If I get up after 7am I feel like I missed so much free time. My {Morning Date} is my favorite time of the day. Although I didn’t miss my {Morning Date} today, I barely made it without the interruption of little feet coming down the steps.

The life of a mother {smile}… by the way, that’s also another favorite part of my day…little feet coming down the steps and little faces poking over the banister declaring to the world, ‘I’m awake!!!!’

Anyways, so today I will take a GRACE CARD. I won’t be able to write much because my family is up and ready for their mommy. I’m sure you understand. My real life… the one that goes beyond a couple of words put together on a blog, awaits me.

Bible Time (10)

Picnic (51)

My friend I am {In Pursuit} of God’s fullness over my life.

And God’s fullness awaits me in the living room…

Have an amazing day on purpose!!!


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