{5 Minutes To A Free Organization Container}

5 minutes to a free organization container


At the beginning of each school year, you purchase  a new pack of crayons. Coloring time happens and everyone puts their crayons back into the box. Great.

However, look for that same new box of crayons a month or two later and what do you find?




This week I finished eating a yogurt and was ready to throw out the container when I looked at my son and said, I’m sure I could use this for something. He smirked and said, ‘yeah, I’m sure you could.’

I washed it and put it away. Today I came across the mess of crayons and the light bulb turned on. I knew exactly what I could do with my yogurt container…

{5 Minutes To A Free Organization Container}



scissor or paper cutter

scrap paper






1.) Cut

Cut your scrap paper down to the desired size.




2.) Glue

Cover container with glue and adhere the paper to the container.




3.) Fill.

Simple enough.








I love that it’s a perfect size for my daughter to carry around (especially when she wants to take her coloring book and crayons on our road trips).

Be creative. These organizing containers don’t have to be used only for crayons. Use them for pencils, pens, lip liners and eye liners, make-up brushes, toothpicks, plastic spoons and forks. Oh the possibilities…

My daughter just ate a yogurt. She opened her eyes wide with excitement,

“oh mom, I know!!!! We can put this yogurt cup in the sink. We can wash it and theeeeeeeeen we can make something out of it!!!! Yeah, isn’t that a great idea Mom?!!!”

It’s the simple things, my friends. The simple things that bring joy into each day…

So how about you? How do you recycle items in your home?


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  1. This looks so easy to make and it looks great! 🙂 Good idea!

  2. alotonyourplate

    love this !!!

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