{I Am Declaring… How About You?}

Today was one of those mornings…

You know, those mornings when you wake up with the fighter in you all worked up. It was one of those mornings… the type where you say, “enough is enough”. The type of morning when you take your feet and plant then securely on the word upon your life and you declare…

I shall see the fulfillment of the Lord in my life!

Yes indeed, my friend. It was one of those mornings.

You have to fight for what belongs to you. You have to fight to keep your sanity in the midst of a world constantly bombarding you with different ideologies. You’ve got to put on your armor each morning. Why does a soldier gear up? Because there is a fight. There is a battle. There is a war.

There is power of life and death in your tongue (Proverbs 18:21). My question today is this: What have you been declaring? What have you been speaking into the atmosphere?

Today, choose life. 

Today, choose to believe the word of God over your life.

Today choose to believe that the One who said it, will make it come to pass.

make your declaration…

I am declaring those things which are not as though they were.

I am believing and declaring that mountains have to move and obstacles have to be get out of the way.

I am declaring that no weapon formed against me shall ever be able to prosper!

I am declaring that I am a woman of influence. I am a woman of purpose. I am a woman created to stand in the gap for many.

I am declaring that the favor of the Lord is all over my life. Goodness and mercy follow me wherever I go.

Wisdom is mine. Peace is mine. Joy is mine. The anointing of the Lord, is mine.

God is good and He is good over my life!

He is good over my family.

He is good over my marriage.

Everything pertaining my life is in His hands!!

This is my season to reap all that has been sown. This is my season to experience the fullness of God in everything I do.

I am {In Pursuit}.

I am walking in the abundance of God over my life!

How about you? What are you declaring this morning?


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