{Conquering Those Projects: Digital Photos}

Last week while working on my weekend challenge, organizing my paper clutter and organizing my books, I came up with some templates which I also shared. Simply writing down the things I’d like to get done around the home and in my own personal life gives me breathing room. I don’t feel pressured by all that needs to get done.

Instead, when I have free time I simply look through the list and pick something. It’s worked really well for me. If you’d like to try it out, below are your FREE printables (which were offered in my previous posts) to help you get started.

{Home Projects} and {Life Projects}



My {Weekend Challenge} this past weekend was:

  • Getting ideas for celebrating Father’s Day (Read about it {here})
  • Organizing my digital pictures.

I had 6 months worth of pictures which needed to be categorized by event and moved into their yearly and monthly folder. I simply followed the same plan as I did back in September, find out exactly how to do it here —> {Organizing Digital Photos}.

Since my husband blessed me with the Nikon D3100, I love, love, love taking pictures…. great way to use a gift to its fullest. However, organizing digital photos… Nightmare! I take way too many pictures.

This weekend, I simply named the pictures (by category) and filed it away in it’s monthly and yearly folder.


In the future, I will go back and keep only the best pictures, getting rid of all the others taking up much of my valuable memory space. It feels great to sort through the clutter… Yes, digital clutter too!!

So how about you? How do you sort your pictures?


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  1. Oh yes, this is something I badly need to conquer, but have been putting off and putting off. I have at least 3 years worth of pictures that need to be organized on my computer!!! They are all stuffed in one folder and it is insanity. The amount of time I spend just looking for a particular picture is not even logical,lol! I am definitely going to follow that plan.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Asia, thanks for stopping by {In Pursuit}! I recommend you prepare yourself for this project. It is time consuming. However, very much worth the effort. With blogging especially, it is necessary to find pictures quickly. Do yourself the favor. And take 15 minutes a day if need be, but get started. It will be so worth it! P.S. Best of luck with your cape cod renovations!

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