{Conquering Those Projects: Paper Clutter}

Last Friday I shared with you how I was going to take advantage of this holiday weekend by  {Conquering Those Projects}. My projects included organizing my books and paper clutter.

So let me just go right into it.

{Sort through papers)

There’s no other way to tackle a paper pile than one piece at a time. So I began to make some piles.

  • bills
  • invitations
  • homeschooling papers
  • coupons
  • to keep
  • to file
  • to throw away (check out my paper bag filled with junk mail!)
  • to shred



(Keep a garbage bag close by to make throwing out junk mail easier)



{Fill Family Binder, File & Shred}

The next step was to punch holes in papers that go in the {Family Binder} and I began to file by category.  I filed items that needed to be filed away in the filing cabinet (manuals, home owners insurance policies, etc.), and put all items to be shredded in a manila folder…soon enough I was able to see my table top. I love that feeling!!



{Items Used Daily}

If you recall, part of the problem I had was sorting the curriculum I was using for my kids. Because I donated so many books while organizing my books, I had a free basket to use. I filled it up with the kids items and in the middle I popped in my {Family Binder}… Now I can find everything I need in one spot. Love it!!!


{DIY Paper Tray}

My last item for paper clutter control: The Paper Tray.

Want a paper tray but don’t want to spend $15 at you local office supply store? You can create your own paper tray holder by covering the lid of a box with wrapping paper. I bought this wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree a while back. I have since wrapped coffee cans to use as pen/pencil holders, made two of these trays, and 4 magazine holders. They really do look great! And it’s so easy to do. Just a bit of cutting and gluing and in less than 15 minutes you have a very inexpensive, yet practical paper tray.


So there you have it. My weekend projects conquered!!!! Boy do I feel great. I’m ready to conquer some more.

How about you? What projects have you conquered?

Don’t forget to get your free

 {Home Projects} and {Life Projects}

printables to help you get started!!


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