{Projects Update & Home Projects List…}

Good morning and God bless you on this beautiful morning!!!

I am so excited you decided to stop by. Why? Well, because I have a treat for you.

At the end of this post, feel free to print out your {Home Projects} and {Home Projects List} templates. They are a FREE addition to our {Family Binder}. I hope they help you sort through the mind clutter as much as they’ve helped me this weekend!!! Enjoy!

Alright, now for my {Project Update}. Last week I shared with you how I was going to take advantage of this holiday weekend by  {Conquering Those Projects}. My projects included organizing my books and paper clutter. Today we will talk about the book clutter, later on this week we’ll talk about the paper clutter.

{Sort through the books}

Okay so first things first… you must sort through the books. For me that meant sitting on the floor with my dust rag. Take out a book, dust it off, put it in a pile. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I recommend making the following piles:

  • To give away
  • To throw away {gasp!!! yes, there are some very old devotional books in which I had written. I was not going to give those away…. for sure!!!}
  • sort by pile: Parenting, Marriage, Spiritual Growth, Finances, etc.

Sorting as you dust off will make things so much easier!

{Organize: A Home For Everything}

Organization does not have to cost you hundreds of dollars. Yes, I know… the organization industry targets us heavily with their ‘oh-so-cute-gotta-have-this-now-or-else-I’ll-never-be-able-to-get-my-house-in-order!’ items. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to ‘need’ something so bad only to bring it home and never find a place for it.

Wasting money is not only foolish, but it’s also bad stewardship. So save your money and look around your home instead for different items to serve as organization tools.

  • boxes
  • plastic and canvas bins
  • ladders (see what I did with my stepping stool below!)
  • shelves
  • cans
  • buckets
  • bins
  • vases

The one rule: Everything must have a home.

{How it looked for us}


All books in this category were put on the steps to take up and keep in our bedroom.



I have a 6 cube organizer (you can check it out here). It serves as a TV Console, bookshelf and more. So I organized 3 of the cubbies by categories:


(yes, those are all bibles… I can’t help it. I love God’s word. They’re different translations. And that 3rd one there, is actually my first bible ever. Given to me by my mom on my 11th birthday. Love it!



Leadership& Ministry






Finances/Money Management

This basket, from the Better Homes Collection at Wal-Mart, was only $5 (last year, not sure if they still have them). It sits beneath a small side table. I simply filled it up with anything regarding Finances and Money Management. No excuse now… I know exactly where they are!



My Corner

Alright, and now, for my ultimate favorite spot…. My stepping stool bookshelf. We purchased this about a year ago at IKEA for $14.99. It comes in natural wood but my husband stained it this color when he did our floors.

I filled it up with books I read through often (remember, I’m the one who reads 5 books at a time, hee hee). Now I can easily find them, sit, relax, and enjoy! Love it!!!



Alright, so there you have it. Part 1 of {Conquering Those Projects} completed. As you can see, the entire transformation did not cost me a thing. I used what I already have, SCORE!!!

Now it’s your turn. How do your organize your books and paperwork? How do you conquer the clutter before the clutter conquers you? Send me your comments and emails. I want to hear from you!!!

             Don’t forget your FREE template!!!

                                       Family Binder Template, home projects2Family Binder Template, home projects1

Family Binder, {Home Projects} Template


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