{Too Far To Go Back!}

Good morning and God bless you!!

I don’t know about you, but as spring comes to a close and we get ready to welcome Summer, I have had my eyes wide open to the goodness and grace of God all around me. He truly does make all things new. What I love about God is how He does it….

This weekend while walking on our hike,  I found that I had to push myself beyond what I wanted to. The pain was excruciating, and gasping for breathe I could barely get myself to keep moving.  Halfway up those many steps, I found that I wanted to sit, rest, turn back. Yet I was too far into the hike to go back.

My legs were shaking, I was exhausted. Yet forward was the only option. Sometimes, during the walk, I didn’t say a word. Because it was easier to just take the next step than it was to complain about how difficult it was. I’m like that.

In my day-to-day life, when I’m going through the tough times, the hard times, the pressing times, I get quiet. It’s as though my spirit, my mind, my strength, they’re all focused on simply the next step. When the burden gets too heavy and the load unbearable. I take it to Jesus and then do what He asks of me… take the next step.

On Monday I woke up with such a great realization of how far I have to go on this journey.

Sooooooo far!!!!

So far, I could complain.

So far, I could get depressed.

So far, I could give up…

But too far to give in!!!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And He only asks of me one thing…. Take the next step, in faith.


Faith that He will provide the strength I need.

Faith that I will reach my goals.

Faith that I will reap the rewards of hard work.

Faith that I will produce results.

Faith that I can do all things through Christ.

Faith that things will not always be the same.

Faith that I am victorious in Him.

Faith that I am strong in Him.

Faith that I can have self control through Christ.

Faith that I will walk in my Promised Land.

Faith that I can stay committed.

Too far…. we’ve come too far to go back.

Too far to listen to the lies of the enemy.

Too far to soak in self-condemnation.

Too far to surrender to the enemy!!!!

People of God, we are on an assignment. We live with purpose and on purpose! You can do this!!! Simply take the next step!


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