{Idols of the Heart}

{In Pursuit}… this is my quest. My quest to live an abundant life in Christ. My quest to live my life as God intended it to be. My quest to live on purpose and with purpose.

How easy it is to write these statements down.

How easy it is to utter, with our mouths, our declaration of love to God.

But can we live these words out?

Matthew 15, talks about Jesus being confronted by the scribes and Pharisees from Jerusalem. They came at him with their religious questions. On the outside they looked like zealous followers of God, but in the inside they were simply whitewashed tombs whose sole concern was their customs and traditions…

God, made flesh, stood before them yet they couldn’t see Him past the idols of self-righteousness and religion.

Jesus’ response?

“Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:  “These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship me…” (Mathew 15:7-9)

{First Things First}

Our Pursuit has one starting place. One foundation. If we deviate from that foundation, we are building dreams and pursuits on altars which will not stand the test of time. Any other foundation, other than Jesus Christ, is a foundation which will crumble under the pressure and weight of this world.

“Oh, but I don’t have any idols lifted up.” you say.

{Look Closely}

What do you have framed up in the center of your heart? What have you lifted up higher than God? What has become so important to you that you pursue it, putting God to the side? In what, other than God, have you found your ‘security’? What has your affections, your focus, your time, and your financial investment?

Perhaps looking a bit closer, inspecting, investigating…. being honest and real… we’d be able to see that we have, in fact, raised up altars to the idols of this world:

Idols of the heart

{Turning Around}

Sin entangles us. It draws us away from the God who loves us. It causes us to pursue things that are temporary. Oh how grave and disappointing the error of putting all ones affection, strength, and will into something that will never last. How empty. How deceiving.

Lord, keep us from lifting up false idols!

If our heart doesn’t look like this:

Idols of the heart, God

Then it’s time to get back on our knees, repent, and ask God to tear down every altar lifted up above Him.

And as the altars of false gods begin to tumble-down, you will find that— the security you find in God will give you real peace, real security, and real assurance.

{Getting Real With Ourselves}

Okay so you know you have put things, other than God, first in your life. But you’re just not sure where to start. You’re not sure how to make things right, how to address the wrong in your life. Let me help you.

Find a quiet space. Print out the FREE printable below and ask God to help you name all those things in your life which you’ve lifted up as idols (even the things you weren’t aware of). Then fill in the heart. This is your confession time with God. This is your ‘facing the ugly’ time. And this is your repentance time.

(P.S. God’s okay with this. Your sins will not surprise Him. He already knows. He simply wants us to acknowledge them and repent….In fact, he delights in our repentance.)

Idols of the heart, blank

{Idols of the Heart Template}

I pray that this simple exercise serves as a tool to help begin tearing down everything that has risen itself up to become an obstacle, and a deterrent, to God’s will and purpose for your life. I declare that no weapon that has been formed against you shall be able to prosper; and today we take action, we take authority and we align ourselves with God’s word.

You shall have no other gods

before Me.

Exodus 20:3

Be blessed and may your pursuit begin and end with Him!!! Jesus Christ, our foundation!


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