{God Has A Plan For You…}

I pray that when you stop here on {In Pursuit}, you leave encouraged, blessed, and energized to continue on your own journey. Blogging since 2010, I know far too well, how easy it can be to look into someone else’s life and think, ‘hmm, their journey looks so much better…’

If we’re not careful, we can get so stuck on someone else’s journey that we miss our own beautiful place.

That’s what {In Pursuit} is about. I got so tired of hearing about how I’d be fulfilled as a woman with more stuff, more beauty, more money, more, more, more. I got tired of feeling so empty, so worthless, so poor because I lacked the understanding of the riches in grace provided to me daily by my loving Father.

Your journey, my friend, is the most amazing, most beautiful, most unique journey you will ever take. You will only live this season in your life now…. you will  never again be able to turn the hands of time around and live the season God has currently placed you in. He’s created you unique. Special. Loved. With purpose and for purpose.

Today, I’m not sure what situation or circumstance of life has you down. Perhaps your marriage is on the rocks. Maybe your children seem like they are going in the wrong direction. Perhaps your finances are in disarray, or sickness has knocked at your door.

Whatever it is…. depression, anxiety, fear of the unknown, doubt…..

Whatever is choking the life out of you…. Bring it to God.

Take your joy, your rejoicing, your sadness, your disappointment… all of it to God.

He is making paths straight for you. He is making a way where there seems to be no way. His ways, my friend, are higher than your ways. You may not understand why you are going through what you’re going through, but He has a plan. None of ‘this’ is taking Him by surprise. He has the most amazing way of taking what the enemy means for destruction and turning it around for our good and His glory.

God is leading you on paths of righteousness for His names sake. He has plans for your life. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. His plans are for good and not evil.

You will see your mourning turned into gladness. And you will rejoice over the goodness and favor of the Lord in your life. Do not give up. Do not tire in doing good. For God’s word says that in due season…. got that? In due season… you will reap… if you do not tire in doing good.

Nothing is impossible for our God. No situation is too difficult for Him. With Christ, you can do all things because He continuously provides the strength to do so. No weapon that the enemy has launched over your life will be able to prosper. It is all canceled. As you walk, walk in assurance. Walk in peace. Walk in joy knowing that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

My friend. Your journey has beauty in it. And coming from one who has experienced so much brokenness, I promise you-     every single fragment will be put back together. You will be restored and made whole. You will see, delight in and enjoy the fruit harvested and grown in times of tears and pain.

Your journey is beautiful. Your journey is unique. God is good and He is good over your life, over your journey. Do not lose hope. Simply open your eyes and see all the beauty found in your own journey.

Scripture to meditate on:

Isaiah 55:8-9, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 45:2, Proverbs 3:5-6,


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