{Devotional Time With The Kids}

I lost my voice this week. Imagine trying to take care of two kids, a 5 year old and a 12 year old without being able to speak. Let’s just say it’s a recipe for disaster.

I had to figure out how I would be able to save my voice and still maintain some structure around here. One of the most important parts of our day here is our devotional time. Last week I shared with you some printables for teaching children the word. This week, without my voice, I wasn’t able to read through the stories as usual. I had to come up with something quick, yet meaningful.

I did a search for Christian videos and I found a VeggieTales movie, It’s A Meaningful Life. Although my children have a pretty significant age gap, I figured the eldest wouldn’t mind ‘movie time’ and the youngest loves VeggieTales. Interestingly enough, this movie (which was about 50 minutes long) turned out to be pretty good!

I sat down with my paper and pencil in hand and I began to jot down notes. You wouldn’t believe it unless I showed you, so I took a picture… below you will see an entire paper filled with tidbits from the movie which spoke to me and I knew would speak to my children.


Afterwards we went on a walk and began to talk about the characters and the issues they were facing. I kid you not, this movie opened up so many points of discussion with my 12 year old that after a 45 minute walk, we still had half a paper of notes left to go. I decided we’d continue this another day.

I am amazed at how God knows our hearts as mothers. He understand the things we go through- yes, even getting sick. And amazingly, He provides the creativity to still be able to have those God moments with our children.

Some topics of discussion from the movie (in case you want to use it for a devotional time with your own kids) were:

  • How do you feel about the success of others?
  • How does others’ successes make you feel about yourself?
  • How does failure make you feel?
  • God has a plan for our lives, yet sometimes we dream of bigger, more important things…how does that hinder our ability to enjoy where we are now?
  • (some children in the movie feel like they will never be able to succeed) coach says: you won’t, if you give up.
  • In life, we should ‘give it all we’ve got’.
  • ‘Dig down deep’. What will you find?
  • Jealousy
  • Contentment
  • “God has a plan which He sees clearly. As you shine your light everyone sees you. The lives you touch… You are worth so much. That’s how God made you”.
  • Morty (one of the characters in the movie) was very arrogant. How does arrogance affect others/ oneself?
  • God orders the steps of the righteous

These are just a few of the many topics we were able to talk about during our walk… Okay, okay… I mostly squeaked, but my son, he talked. He opened up and I caught a glimpse of his heart. I love when that happens.

I leave you with a song by Steven Curtis Chapman written for this movie,

So how about you? How do you do devotional time with your kids?


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