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It’s early morning. I’m tired. It’s warm under the covers and my body wants to remain sleeping. The alarm on the cell phone goes off as always. The sound annoys me, ‘is it really morning already?’

For about 15 minutes I lay there coming up with every excuse why it’s okay for me to stay in bed…’you know, you are sick… you need your rest…’

But then I remember I have a date early in the morning before the sun rises. I remember that if I don’t make it to this date, I may very well miss what I’m searching for. And so, without further delay, I roll myself out of bed, brush my teeth, put on my favorite pink sweater and head downstairs.

It’s chilly this morning.

I light a candle. It instantly changes my atmosphere.

I grab my journal. Grab my bible and make my way to the seat where He meets me each morning. It’s comfy there.

I’m half asleep. He knows it. I know it. Yet still. I’m here. I’m present. I’m available.


It’s not always easy getting up, ya’ know. Some days, I’ve missed my morning date… and oh how I’ve regretted it. I know enough now to be sure that an extra hour in bed will never compare to that time in quietness… even when, even if, I’m half asleep. I’d rather be here, half asleep, working through the battle of the mind and the flesh… in His presence… where my soul is being filled and satisfied

…than in that bed, covered, asleep- reaping absolutely nothing….

And I look at my burning candle. The one that takes me through the morning darkness and into the daylight’s brightness… I’m glad I lit it.

Not because of some religious ritual. But because every time I light it I am reminded that He is the light of this world, the light of my world. And as that little flame flickers, swaying back and forth in the morning darkness, I am reminded that so too, His word, is a light in my walk, that His word promises to illuminate my path. And I breathe easily. I am secure in Him.


Time passes, the light pokes its beams through my white window blinds. It always amazes me. How light comes in and darkness vanishes. I no longer need the candle, but I leave it on anyway.


The house is still quiet. The children are still sleeping, tucked in under the warmness of quilts and blankets. I glance at the clock… they will be up soon.

I breathe in and slowly let it all out. I’m so glad I made it to my morning date. I think I’ll just linger here. I like it here. In fact, I love it here!

Your {Morning Date} with God can help set you up for a successful day. I don’t mean a perfect day. I mean a day where you carry out what you set out to do (according to the leading of the Holy Spirit). Print out your FREE Daily Planner template. Then after your {Morning Date} jot down what you want to get done. Check things off as you go. And at the end of the day, know that you got it all done by the strength and grace of God!

Enjoy and be blessed!

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  1. I too struggle some days trying to get up. My cellphone alarm goes off and there I am saying just a couple more minutes. Some times I just try to start my devotional while still laying down on the bed but I dont get too far, before I know it im waking up from snoozing while praying, then I remember that if I don’t get up I won’t be able to have my coffee with the Lord. My alarm is set up for 4:30am but many times I push till 5 to get up. Then I head for the shower and start singing or praying in that shower where most of us don’t sound so bad lol. Once im showered, gotta start my coffe maker, then its on.

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